I never understood why people would say… If I could go back.

The truth is that you are the sum of every person and experience that has come along to shape you

I grew up in Compton and was raised by 2 parents that had no love to give for even themselves… I was beat for religion, their anger and my existence.

I left home at 17 and over the next 9… I worked nonstop to aquire all the stuff that “makes a happy life.”

At 26 I had the house, the business, the money, the man and the cars to only find myself empty and confused.

So for the next 4 years I chose to numb myself each day. I had never felt so alone yet somebody was there. Looking back, I couldn’t accept love bc I had none for me.

Those 4 years ended with losing everything because I chose to escape reality and destroy the hurt and angry girl.

I was dead at 30 in a hospital room from an OD and in a mental institution for a week. I remembered looking out the window to tell the universe… “I give up.”

I left CA to Florida to isolate and see where life took me.

I sobered up, stayed away from trouble and spent many years learning to LET GO of the Fear, Resentment, Shame, Guilt and Anger that held me a prisoner to my happiness.

I just focused on work, personal development,. learning myself, science, spirituality and the mind and body… To find my BALANCE.

I was alone for years to find the answers were within me and that nobody in this world would give me the love and fulfillment I needed for myself.

That was the course of my life that brought me here to find my peace.

My heart opened and the world was not an evil place when I chose to live from a place of LOVE and not fear.

And then a new LIFE began…
to find HAPPINESS that has always been inside me.

The past was the journey and lesson to HERE.

I would never change a damn thing in my life.
It was the journey I found LOVE FOR MYSELF …giving value to others because of it.

Each day I am grateful for this path to inspire and help those find their SELF LOVE that are ready for it.

The most important I LOVE YOU… Is the one you say to YOURSELF.

Katherine Tran