As we enter into 2018 and we think about what we want to accomplish during this new year, we should make sure we know ourselves enough to make those wishes.

Have you ever thought of writing down your bill of rights and responsibilities? I never considered the idea until I read the request on the book that has been helping me navigate my middle-life career crisis: Zen and the Art of Making a Living.

Building my bill, helped me see clearly what I consider important in life—every time I feel unsure about my values or overwhelmed by the pressure of society, I go back to it and make a commitment to take actions that bring me closer to my true self.

1. Don’t let anybody tell you what is right for you

It’s YOUR journey, and you have to make your choices—listen to opinions and stay open to change your mind, but ultimately take the best decision for yourself.

2. Follow your heart and instinct—ALWAYS

When you have to make a critical choice, and you feel overwhelmed, stop your thoughts for a second, breath and listen—your heart always knows the answer.

3. Stay open and receptive

Focus on what you are working on, but don’t get obsessed—you never know what you can find around the corner. If you are too busy, you might miss life-changing opportunities.

4. Try to be a better person every day

Every day is a new chance to be the better version of yourself—find ways to help others. Be kind, show support, and go the extra mile.

5. If you see something, say something

Being silent is being complicit—if you notice a bad behavior, it’s YOUR responsibility to report it.

6. Don’t judge people you don’t know

You don’t know what’s going on in the life of other people, so try not to judge their journey. You don’t have to get along with everybody, but don’t gossip or give a verdict about people and things you don’t know much about.

7. Stay positive and spread positivity

If you stay positive you will attract positivity to your life—it’s a circle. Dark times come and go if you accept them and embrace them as moments that contribute to your growth.

8. Be curious

Learn from others and teach them what you know. Take every occasion as a chance to learn something new—it can be a quick chat with a neighbor, or a book.

9. No regrets

You have one life, so make it count—there are no second chances. If you feel something is right in your heart, GO FOR IT and NEVER GIVE UP!

10. Love unconditionally

Give love without expecting anything in return because it will make you feel free. Love is powerful, and it will naturally go from person to community, from community to nation, from nation to the world—if you let it go without conditions.