What do you think it takes to be successful in the world of gaming and streaming? Well, Jerome Gillan shares his views.

Starting streaming as a way to meet new people, Jerome Gillan has pushed himself to greater heights. His career started back in 2019. First, as a gamer for entertainment, and then as a career in late 2019.

He has a very large audience that is made up of other successful streamers and gamers, and even the up and coming ones because of his level of success on Twitch. He has built this large audience by being a source of constant inspiration to many. Everyone loves to draw inspiration from somewhere or someone, and Jerome Gillan loves to be that source of inspiration. At just twenty-six years of age, his successes in the world of streaming have inspired young video game players and streamers. He is like an open book to those who watch him.

He also built an audience using a technique called “Multiboxing”. In the beginning, most people thought he was wrong and that it was cheating, but then it wasn’t. So, he used this technique to create content and do things that seemed impossible to many other streamers. However, when it started becoming a success, he attracted a lot more audience because everyone wanted to see it. With this high level of success, he has been able to change people’s minds about the idea of cheating when using Multiboxing. Someone was even inspired by Jerome to say that he has developed a love for Multiboxing, thanks to him.

When asked about his future goals and plans for all his future streams, he was pretty incisive. He explained that due to the coronavirus, the eyes of people all over the world have been open to streaming, so now is the time for him and other well-recognized streamers to seize their opportunity. He is doing so by doing another forty-eight hours stream. Even though long streams can be a bit challenging, Jerome believes it is worth it in the end. Jerome expects to take the world by storm in the near future, but he is not making any promises, is he?

In the next five years, Jerome believes he will still be growing stronger, doing the things he loves the most. By now, those things are obvious. So, expect Jerome Gillan to be playing games, creating newer content, and sharing more innovative ideas with his audience.

To all the young gamers and streamers out there, Jerome has a message for you. Always keep the faith and put in the streaming hours. If you enjoy it as much as he does, make it a career. He advises that they should not get lost in the drama, toxicity, and the competition. After all, video games are meant to be enjoyed and fun-filled.

So, every young gamer should take a leaf from Jerome Gillan’s book. Make your love and passion for games a source of income and be quite good at it. Then, there will be little or no regrets in life.

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