I like making my resolutions early. And as such as we enter the holiday mood, one thing that I would feel bad about starting 2019 is going into it without first making resolutions on what I want to achieve way ahead.

Learn more skills to enrich my current skillsets

One thing that I have come to really appreciate is the value of meaningful education in my life. Over the past few years, I have been reading great books that help me in my business as well as in my social life. 

Next year, I want to read even more books and other than reading, I want to pursue business courses that are going to enrich my current wealth of skills.

There is this awesome amazing selling machine that I have heard other people doing amazon businesses talking about where you are taught on how to identify products for FBA as well as how to manage your inventory, list the products on amazon and start making money. The amazing selling machine program has experienced top notch mentors who have been selling on amazon and they therefore know what makes products a hot sale as well as how you can scale the business to greater heights.

Manage cash in a better way

I have to accept that I have been having cash flow problems all through the year. Most have been caused by clients not paying up in time or others paying in little bits after bits that have really affected my working terms since I was not also able to pay up my employees in time and I also had to take one loan after the other so as to sustain the business.

Next year, I plan to use factoring companies that will be collecting the cash for me without having to struggle asking the clients to pay up the dues they owe me.

Automating more tasks so as to scale easily

If there is one thing that 2018 has taught me, it is importance of automating tasks and the value it has for business. Automated tasks enable you to scale your business so much that you are able to get creative and think of other projects that might have been in the pipeline but you were not really able to work on them because you were stretched too thin.

Not fear treading where angels dread

I feel that over the past few years, I have really played small and this has affected me negatively as I have made safer risks and had I made bigger risks, then I would not be where I am now currently. I would have achieved more and gotten more wealth than I currently have. I would have had more employees and able to manage them but because I have played small, this has really affected me and my confidence. 

In 2019, I want to tread where angels dread. Of course the risks have to be calculated before I make them but I am surely going to be more bolder and extend myself a little bit if success is going to follow me.