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“I was fired!” he said.

Another dear friend of mine just got fired and called me.

Well, he actually just got laid off, he said that is what he says to make himself feel better. He feels like crud. He is questioning everything, but mainly he questions his value. This guy is a gem and is a victim of a suffering travel industry.

I just shared with him my usual experiences when getting fired or laid off:

-Get pissed


-Eat too much

-Accept it

-Convince myself I’ll be broke and never work again

-Call everyone

-Ask for help

-Do stupid interviews

-Wait way too long

-Freak out

-Basically run out of money

-Find work that makes way more money and makes me way happier than I was before

And then at some point, repeat the process

If you have been fired, furloughed or laid off. I’m sorry. It sucks and it hurts. But, this is not because you have no value. This is an awful, painful bump in the road and you will overcome it. You are exactly who you were before you lost that job and exactly who you will be when you find your next great adventure. Do not give up!