The Final Straw

This living in denial that I was happy was short-lived. Unknown to the staff of the company, the reorganization had affected the business adversely. The expansion could not hold, and we started making losses. To sum it all, the news was bad news for all of us at the company.

During one afternoon meeting with staff, our bosses told us management has decided to let half of us go finally. I became nervous. Everybody was anxious, and silence, curiosity, and rumors controlled the office corridors. The week that followed was the final nail. The company finally dismissed us. I was officially jobless with a family to feed. That resulted in self-hate and, eventually, depression. I was sad.

The Unexpected Help

I have a friend who had gone through the phases of joblessness and later on had made it and found purpose in life. That is the man I turned to for consultation and counsel. This friend of mine took me to a group that had found peace and happiness in togetherness. It was a group comprised of people who had battled unhappiness and its effects at one time. As a group, they had started an income-generating project, and surprisingly, they were doing well.

 So How Did I Change Things Around? 

I joined the group and started the afternoon training and lessons. Each participant gave an encounter, each with a unique situation and how it finally ended. The narrations became a reference point for me, and I began gathering myself up. The group’s teaching on happiness and how not to attach happiness to earthly belongings was the best teaching I had heard. At that point, it was my happiness to wake up call.

As time went by, I reflected this to myself. I could see clearly how I, too, was keeping happiness at bay through the idea that I must have or must own something to be happy. Consequently, I realized I needed a change in many areas of my life to be satisfied.


Three Proven Actions You Can Take To Realize And Sustain Happiness

Change Perception

First, I had to look at what my perception of happiness was. Maybe it was time to shift my opinion? I was open to seeing the joy in a new light. The only thing we can be sure of is the longer we keep putting off being happy, the more unlikely we are to experience real happiness. I had to let the perception of material wealth happiness go, and it’s then I realized satisfaction is not materially oriented.

Choose Friends Wisely

The first change was to align me with friends who add value and happiness to my life. True to the word, I had lost some friends with lousy influence during my time of trouble. The group that my friend introduced me to was an excellent place to start. I became an active member of the group. Since then, we have been able to achieve more in terms of support and togetherness.

Try New Things

Change is as good as a rest. However, it must be in the direction of something you like doing and will enhance happiness. It is unlikely that you try out new things for the sole purpose of getting a unique experience. Irrespective of the situation, you may be in just focus on things that are likely to wind in you being joyful. In my case, I found bliss in traveling and discovering new places, people, and sampled different foods and cultures.

Advice to Anyone Who May Be Going Through a State Of Unhappiness

I wish someone would have told me many years and many years ago that we can’t equate happiness to money. Many people like myself have had to learn how to let go of the negative perception of joy. We only have a short time on this planet. Don’t waste time being unhappy. It isn’t worth a life.

Happiness is a decision that’s well linked to the best feelings and perceptions. It is the harmony that radiates from the inner self of human beings. Alternatively, unhappiness causes conflicts in families or places of work, and the result can be a disease like depression, which becomes draining on a family & finances. A happy person attracts good vibes, have the motivation to achieve, and lights the world for better.