side hustle ideas

Changing careers. Does changing from a full-time employee to a freelancer count as one?

I don’t know but I have been thinking for quite some time that maybe, just maybe, I will be better off as a part time contractual worker… perhaps because I get easily interested and have that enthusiasm consume me for the next two three weeks and then completely lack interest in it the next day onward.

I mean, contractual basis also means knowing that yes-you-have-been-paid-for-this-period-of-time-where-you-do-this-job-for-us, meaning you very well “complete the job with a polishing shine and stick to your word” basis.

Because I have been noticing quite a lot of things in me since the past one year, where I felt that “Oh I didn’t know I could do that!” or “Oh am I fast learner!?”

And even more surprises opening up like, “Oh I am not a leader, I am a micro manager.”

 Or “Oh dear Lord, I didn’t know I could visualize the whole overall strategy of a marketing plan in three hours!!”

Or “Daaamnn I can see where the website elements must be placed in which area and what exactly must be written!”

Oh, oh, wait I didn’t know I could have a bad argument with my mother on phone and still go back to doing work like meh whatever.

Waaait did you know that I can read eyes??? I can read eyes which reek of “Oooh I thought you could be trusted but evidently, I was wrong”, which also happen to be the eyes that smell “looking side wise at me searchingly if I really care that he just dissed me to know if I would pay attention to his puppy eyes”.

Or “Hey I didn’t know that I am a very patient person.”

Or too up frank for that matter.

Because the main fun with being just a consultant is just having a broad sense of what has to be done, what has been done and what can be done to achieve whatever the hell you want in your life or business.

And I have found out that I am an extremely creative person who often has trouble remembering the times she had to improvise on the set of rules she set up for herself because she always kept finding ways to generate loopholes.

Oh, oh, I didn’t know how good I am at making people understand things or ideas by just randomly pulling out literally any example or system that can be compared with for easier and faster understanding.

Oh, hell I am really good at absorbing things.

But is staying at home really a good idea for me?

I mean, remember what I said about being a queen when it comes to finding loopholes?

I love the idea of me just coming from a nice cold shower and just sitting in front of the laptop in my towel and having that sudden outburst of high energy where you feel you can change the whole world in your highness? What a cool way to earn from home, right?

I like the idea of contractual basis because I kinda know my moodian rhythms (like circadian rhythms, but of moods. I just cooked that word up, don’t worry) of when it’s likely I get a highness in me and when it’s likely that I dip down like a biscuit being too soaked in milk and plonk.

I think having several contractual jobs might be the answer for me, since there ought to be some jobs which I am quite passionate about even in the plonkiest of my days.

Like teaching English. I can teach even the dumbest and most effort taxing person what the poem really means and how you must answer a question if it were to come in exam. I remember, oh god there was this woman who always hunted me down whenever there were free hours and ask hey Purbita can you please teach me that Emily Dickenson poem about her feeling a Funeral In her brain and I dunno what is going on. Or ,“Hey Purbita, can you teach me the character analysis of all the characters in the drama Streetcar Named Desire?”

Like hey, I’m passionate about English literature, okay? I can talk about figures of speech and allusions and connotations and denotations whole flipping day long with the right person. Yeah, I think I’ll pick this one as one of my contractual work.

I would love to work as a part time resume writer, because apparently, so many people have a tough time doing so, I dunno why. I have seen people on Upwork who get paid to write love letters… like, say did I tell you about the time I wrote a rhyming love letter in the form of a poem to my high school crush in an hour?? I still have that letter (two pages long, thank you very much), and I wish I can show it in my resume, yeah that would be a great idea.

I have also seen that there are websites or platforms rather where you can be a virtual assistant to anyone who has a busy life. Okay, I wanna know how that is.

Do you know more ideas about side-hustling? Do let me know in the comments below!