“For me superhero is not the one with visible super powers, for me a superhero is the one who loves you unconditionally and never asks for anything in return!”

Being an introvert, and keeping feelings to oneself is not easy specially when its time to express them to your loved ones! I guess I had missed many chances of expressing back when I was a shy introvert. I wanted to thank my mom in so many ways and at so many times for what she has done and for what she has gone through! I am sure all moms would have done the same. But, not for me! Handling a kid with so many wishes and dreams and loving unconditionally, thats what makes this relationship so beautiful.

I still remember her being persistent in making me feel safe and happy, she wrote, she drew, she lectured, acted as a drama queen, being strict and firm, being a friend and sharing her secrets and her fears!! all to raise a strong human being! Having five children and being fair and unbiased would be remarkable, no award or reward can equate or superceed that effort.

“The best therapy is to smile after the storm’

My mom has taught me through every thick and thin situation. Even during Corona virus pandamic, I am blessed to have her with me and to guide me not only to survive but to thrive in this situation, she taught me to stay persistent and stay optimistic. I remember the first day of lockdown when I was extremely afraid of the notion ‘we all are gonna die’ but, I looked at her and a while later suddenly there was peace and tranquility everywhere. The reason being, my mom has always been a positive and a strong person even when she was going through her difficult stages of life. My dad was working abroad and she had to take care of five kids, all teenagers or even younger, and all of them being female was a tough time. specially living in a society where there is no one to look upto. If we ever felt weak or afraid we knew whom to go to. Mom would console, explain and calm our brains, explaining that there is always an alternative, Almighty is with us, and no fear, no disease or virus can cause you any harm unless you give up on yourself!

My mom had always been fair, been kind and decisive. Being a child I think we look for protection, mentorship and someone whom we can ask trillions of questions, to share our confusions, to share secrets and to be immensely loved. My mom had it all. It still gives me goosebumps, how on earth can someone be so exceptional and perfect. And I will trasfer this to my coming generation. I love the way she always said boldly ‘I am never gonna stop you! Nobody ever will, keep flying, keep traveling, try new things and be as strong as you can, I will teach you but you will be your own master’ and that has somewhere sticked with me deep down.

Mom! I love you! You are my entire support system and My superhero ❤️ Thankyou #weeklyprompt #mothersday #mystory #loveyoumom #blessed #myworld