When Avi Grondin spoke to a packed audience at TedXYorkU, he shared his story of how he moved from not having enough to having what he needs. However, Avi didnt tell the story of his most prominent motivation, his mother. She has been his anchor for the past twenty-four years of his life.

For Avi Grondin, the thoughts of his mother’s struggles strengthened his desire to succeed. Her sacrifices, sending him to the best school even though she had to work three jobs to pay the fees, makes him want to do good by her.

Avi, the CEO of Variance Marketing, says that seeing his mother go through so much to take care of him strengthened his resolve to be successful. Avi Grondin is also the founder of ModernDay Cannabis, a cannabis dispensary chain he hopes will be an industry leader in the coming years.

Avi started off working for several companies in the past, working as a salesperson and working at IBM before leaving corporate employment to start his own company, Vinicci Valet. Avi’s determination to see that his mother lived a better life than she was living scaled the company to 35 workers before selling off the company.

Not satisfied with what he achieved with Vinicci Valet, Avi launched into marketing without having all the ‘pre-requisite’ expertise. But a strong desire to elevate his mother’s financial situation made him start a digital promotion company, Variance marketing.

“Miriam Grondin is the one person I look at whenever I feel low, whenever business life weighs heavy on me. I look at how far I’ve come, how far she has come, and I pick myself up again. My mother has always been there, her strength and silent lessons that she lived through her commitment to seeing that my brother and I have what we needed gives me the strength to keep pushing. I am my mother’s son, and I always want to make her proud,” Avi told the reporter, a wide grin spread on his handsome face.

The young Canadian entrepreneur and speaker have built one of the fastest growing marketing agencies in Canada. Variance Marketing is helping many businesses build sustainable systems and make money from digital promotion.

Avi and his team of marketers have been at the forefront of helping businesses rank high on Google for specific keywords, helping them design beautiful websites, and building complex sales funnels that lead to predictable revenue.

Avi says his resilience stems from his mother’s strength. He admonishes young entrepreneurs always to take the bull by the horn. “If my mother could sacrifice it all, sending me to one of the most expensive schools in Canada while earning only $35k/year as a single parent, I too can put in the work to be successful.”

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