Today is International Women’s Day and I would like to pay tribute to all the women in the world, who raised us, taught us love and kindness, who pushed us forward and who were there for us, no matter what.

Everyone has such a woman in their life, who has become a model for themselves. My model is my mom.

I was born in a family of 2 children. My mom used to have full time demanding work. But notwithstanding her work, she invested in both my sister’s and mine education and growth. No matter how tired she was after work, she would make sure that everything in the house was clean and that the food was on the table.  She would hire private tutors, take us to after-school activities, buy us lots of different books and spend quality time with us.

She taught me some very important lessons in life. For instance:

  • women need to take lead of their careers and should not depend on anyone;  
  • there is something good in everything that happens and we just need to trust that everything will turn out well; 
  • we should always stand for our rights and freedoms 
  • family comes above all; 
  • we should never stop learning and growing and many more.

She taught me to be kind, loving, forgiving and to always be just towards everyone. She taught me to appreciate the life and its blessings.

She has become an inspiration for me. I bow in front of her today and hope that someday I will inspire someone like she inspired me.