When we hear the word “investor”, our minds usually wander towards thoughts of Warren Buffet or Shark Tank. Top business people who have made billions of dollars by investing their money. But what about everyone else?

What we don’t realize is that we are actually all investors. Every single one of us. We may not be putting our money in the stock market or buying businesses, but we are putting our money into the things that we buy every single day.

Every dollar that we spend, our hope is that we get the best Return of Investment (ROI) possible. When we buy that candy bar, we seek an ROI in the form of immense satisfaction and a sugar rush. When we invest in clothes, we seek an ROI of looking stylish or being warm. When we buy a car, we seek an ROI of getting from Point A to Point B safely and efficiently.

But even more importantly, we all invest our time. Time is the only limited resource that we truly have, so every second that we spend doing something is an investment of that time into that action. Whether it’s sitting quietly on a balcony, surfing on the beach, or spending time with family, we are investing that time seeking an ROI of enjoyment in the experience.

So here is my #1 investment strategy that has brought me a higher ROI than anything else. It is simply this: Be present.

In the moment, every moment, whether the experience may seem good or bad at the time, be present. Don’t hide away in the cloudiness of your thoughts. Don’t encase yourself in a haze of distractions. Be present and aware of every moment, because every moment has an ROI. And even if it seems to be negative at the time, like the market, it always bounces back.