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I’m a huge Cleveland sports – certainly proud to say it, always mighty proud to say it (thank you Harold Hill)!

Nothing brought me greater joy this past football season than watching the Cleveland Browns rise from the ashes to the playoffs under the guidance of their new head coach Kevin Stefanski. As I tuned into their new found success I learned that one of the first things Stefanski did was meet with the team over Zoom to discuss the 4 Hs – History, Heroes, Heartaches and Hopes. He asked each player to share what those 4 Hs meant to them personally. From that meeting a bond started to develop and a team was formed. I LOVE this and it really got me thinking about what my personal 4 HS are and how they impact my life on a daily basis.  

After making a seemingly endless list of words beginning with the letter H, I landed on the four words that I feel best describe me:





Humor has been my savior throughout my life. For better or worse my sense of humor is a gift I got from my dad and I have passed it along to my daughter – God help me lol! I like to think that I have a good sense of humor and try to use that gift to brighten someone’s day. I love to giggle and make others laugh. However, the most important lesson with having a sense of humor is not to use it for harm. It’s easy to hide behind a snide, sarcastic or passive-aggressive comment to make your point and then deflect that comment as a joke when your subject catches your point – “I was just kidding” is not a get out of jail free card. Sometimes humor in the form of a smile or wink is all it takes to spread some sunshine!

Helping others and being uplifting is my “Why”. Whether it’s mentoring, holding the door for someone, lending a hand without being asked or simply being there for someone comes naturally for me and I’m grateful for that talent. One simple thing I’m doing to improve my why this year is sending cards and notes via snail mail. My mother had a thing for greeting cards. She had an inventory of assorted cards on hand (that would rival the largest greeting card companies) to get that card with a handwritten note out to someone for a special occasion or just because. The advent of social media has taken that personal touch away. It’s easy to post a simple message on someone’s wall and while there is true value in that, there’s nothing like getting a hand written card or note in the mail. It shows that someone took the extra time to be thoughtful – I like to include a sprinkle of confetti for extra fun! I’ve found I don’t have to spend a lot on a card either – a simple note will do!

Don’t worry be Happy! I’m a glass half full type of girl – have been from birth (or so my mother used to tell me!). But what if happiness isn’t your basic nature or you simply aren’t feelin’ it today? Finding something to be grateful for can be just the trick to finding a little happiness in your day. Not that I’m trying to be Mary effin’ sunshine but even it’s just the fact that you woke up or got out of bed is something to be grateful for – not every person gets that opportunity!

Hunger – it’s our drive and passion. The need for more – more knowledge, more success (whatever that means to you), more creativity, understanding, etc. I always want more: time, money, creativity, conversation, wine and some days more sleep! These pandemic months have brought out the hunger to experience something new and express ourselves through art, cooking, language and books. I’ve found my focus has shifted from my needs and wants to those experiencing hunger and food insecurity by using my free time to drop off, or help pack, items at my local food pantries that service both humans and their companion animals. I’ve found that through this simple act of kindness, my soul is fed as well.

What are your 4Hs? We all have them! If you don’t know at this second – you may just have to hunt for them. Seek and you may be surprised at what you find!