When I was completing my Graduation I was very active in arranging college events, handling the measure tasks and Executing. All this things makes me pride and that makes me to turn things to the 360 Degrees. Thought I was looking for something more, cause the whole stuff was tiring for me and Small breaks were not sufficient to recharge me. One of my friend introduced me to thing called Meditation.

I was aware about all good benefits of Meditation but never experienced the experience of Meditation. My friend asked me about to whether I want to do it or not. I nodded affirmative and then we started meditation, Guided Meditation. When I was doing it I feel something good happening to me and feeling of more refreshing which always I wanted to feel.

I decided to practice it daily and I make habit of doing meditation Daily.

I have taken course of Art of Living which helped to get more deep into the new Dimension of Life. As I practiced I noticed improvement in my clearity of mind, My creativity increased. My ability to deal with people become more polished and I am really really thankful for the this beautiful Gift. I really want to thank my friend who introduced me to Meditation.

Experience of Meditation