We all suffer from burning out. With all the things that come at us on a daily basis, it’s difficult to manage it all at once. You have to worry about making sure that you have money for rent, workout to maintain your physical physique and healthy mindset, learn a new topic or skill to stay ahead of the game, & so much more.

There is constant pressure from, not only society, but ourselves to be at our game ALL THE TIME. That’s scary and quite intimidating. Luckily, I have found a few subtle ways to subside this intimidation.

Here are three ways to deal with burnout:

  1. Schedule. Schedule. Schedule

Instead of worrying about what is your next task on the list, it can be extremely beneficial to be able to plan out your entire week on Sunday. Give yourself 30 minute breaks throughout the day to be able to focus on yourself. Hop on the treadmill, meditate, have a cup of coffee, take a short nap.

Even though you don’t think you have time for yourself, you do. Sometimes when we find ourselves in a place of pure stress, it takes us longer to the task at hand. It’s so vital and important to find those methods that can help subside the stress.

Once you have your daily dose of “me” time, it will be easier to get back to work. I promise.

2. Drink Lots of Water

Water allows for your brain and body to refuel through the many tasks we take on throughout the day. You can’t run a car without fuel just like you can’t run a body without water. Always have that water bottle right by your side so that you are practically forcing yourself to drink water 🙂

3. Listen to a Podcast

Right when you wake up in the morning, turn on a podcast. This gets your brain in a mindset of being ready to pick up knowledge and attack your day with new, fresh ideas. Pick a topic that you love and something that entertains you.

It’s weird how this ritual can really streamline your process throughout the day. Just give it a try. There’s a lot of great podcasts out there, you just got to find them.

Good Luck! Here’s to you finding new ways to handle your burnouts!