Myles Broom is a branding specialist and the co-founder and director of The Normal Company. Myles Broom is currently working with brands from around the world to encourage their growth and help them succeed. 

Today, we will discuss the different ways through which Myles Broom has successfully achieved work and life integration. 

Expectations and Goals

Myles Broom started in the digital marketing industry by drawing out a set of expectations and the goals he wished to achieve in the future. Your productivity is dependent on the expectations that you have for yourself. Sometimes it is necessary to adjust the expectations to keep yourself afloat. Myles suggested that being goal-oriented will inevitably lead you to success but it is important to alter your expectations now and then to maintain a balance between your work and your life.


An ideal first step towards self-management is to maintain a schedule. The schedule should include hourly tasks from work to home. This will help you keep track of your daily duties and allow you to distribute your time accordingly. Myles Broom believes that keeping a schedule gives you a sense of accountability and makes you feel responsible to follow it. 

Whilst keeping a schedule is necessary it is also important to maintain flexibility. Give yourself the space to make changes in your schedule for work or life commitments. Myles Broom suggests that you draw a to-do list and prioritize your tasks accordingly. Self-management will guide you to make better decisions by taking into account both your professional and personal life. 

Avoid Distractions

Avoiding distractions helps you stay more focused at work and inevitably more relieved in your personal life. Myles Broom advises that if a task is not adding value to your work and is not an essential part of your life it is safe to avoid it for the time being. Managing a healthy work-life integration leaves you with little time to waste so you must act wisely. 

Don’t Sacrifice Resting Time

Resting time is important to help you relieve your stress and recover from exhaustion. Fix a sleeping time and do not let anything compromise this. Myles Broom maintains a fixed sleep schedule to not let his productivity get compromised. If you stay up and work beyond exhaustion it is eventually going to burn you out and leave you with zero motivation. Additionally, taking breaks while working allows you to recharge yourself and work better. Productivity is dependent on the quality of work you produce which is in turn reliant on an active mind. 

Ideal Work Environment

Everyone has a different perception of an ideal work environment. Some work better in a team and others work better individually. You can identify the setting that suits you the most and apply it to your professional work environment. Myles Broom explains that people can work better when they are happy with their surroundings. The same thought process applies to your ideal timings. If you work better at a certain time of the day it could be beneficial to allot that period for work-related tasks. 

What matters is how much you have accomplished by the end of the day and not the hours you spent working on it. Create a mindset that accepts the changes that you are making to your daily routine and make sure you acknowledge your personal and professional accomplishments. 


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