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Stress and anxiety pepper our lives in more ways than one, with many of us turning to medication as the default solution. But what if there was a non-invasive way to deal with those annoying negative feelings? Brain training, using the neurofeedback technique provided by the new Myndlift technology, regulates the ‘stress’ waves in your brain using stimulating videos and games. All that’s needed is the headset, a smartphone or tablet, and a comfortable spot at home to instill a newfound sense of calm in your life.

The effects of stress

Stress is more prevalent than ever in our modern-day culture of immediacy and impatience. It can cause mental health problems such as anxiety or depression, and even manifest itself physically through a higher heart rate, skin rashes, or headaches. This can have a knock-on effect, both professionally and socially, causing reduced sleep, strained relationships, or poor performance at work. Allowing stress to continue for a prolonged period of time leads to a higher chance of mental health issues and medical problems. Because of this, it’s essential to find a way to regulate the activity in your brain which is the main aim of Myndlift’s neurofeedback therapy.

The science behind neurofeedback brain training

Neurofeedback therapy uses EEG as a way of monitoring the electrical activity in your brain. By analyzing this data it can determine what keeps you calm or causes you stress. Using this information, the technology implements a reward system when your brain is operating in a ‘desirable’ way. For example, participants using Myndlift are rewarded when their brain shows ‘calm’ waves, by advancing to the next level in the game. This kind of positive reinforcement (operant conditioning) teaches the brain the benefits of operating at a lower level of stress. As a result, the mind learns to relax, therefore, reducing stress and anxiety.

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Technology, if used in the wrong way, is a surefire way to increase stress and anxiety. However, in this case, technology is the savior, alleviating symptoms of stress, through changing hard-wired behavioral patterns that negatively impact life. Subsequently, navigating a stressful work environment, or staying cool, calm, and collected in a personal crisis, becomes significantly easier.

How Myndlift works

Myndlift uses EEG electrodes, placed on the head through the MUSE™ headset, which can be worn anywhere, anytime. When participants put on the headset and enable the app, they begin a process of brain training through watching fun and dynamic games and videos. The EEG monitors and regulates your brain activity, as you play the games, to achieve optimum levels of calm or focus. 

A huge advantage of this particular neurofeedback therapy is that it can be used remotely. Because of this, brain training can be done from the comfort of your sofa, making it even easier to take care of your mind and promote healthy development.

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Neurofeedback therapist

What’s more, you’ll be set up with a personal neurofeedback expert, either online or in your local area. They will discuss your aims, set up a training program, monitor your progress, and provide you personal feedback. Depending on your goals, your neurofeedback expert will personalize your brain training accordingly.

The benefits of brain training

We all know the importance of exercise for the body but we often neglect the health of the mind. Neurofeedback technology is an important tool in boosting mental health, making brain training fun and entertaining. Myndlift participants reported a huge reduction in stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Not only this, but they felt overwhelmingly more optimistic, focused, and even more creative!

This type of brain training has also shown benefits in those participants with psychological disorders such as ADHD or depression. ADHD can have a substantial impact on learning, physical body movements, concentration, and organization among many other things. Studies, among children, have shown that using EEG technology can drastically improve attention span and impulsivity.

Is brain training right for you?

First, pinpoint your problem area. For example, are you struggling to focus at work? Are you losing sleep? Are you wanting to inject a little more ‘zen’ into your life? Depending on your goals, your Myndlift coach will personalize your training program. For example, athletes and entrepreneurs may want to focus on performing to a higher standard. In this case, the brain training would be aimed at increasing focus or aiding sleep, in order to improve strength and energy levels.

Technology that combats stress?

Myndlift tech

Life is loud and busy, and it can be a struggle to bring your mind out of overdrive. Brain training is an excellent way of quieting the mind and providing focus and clarity. As time goes on, you’ll be able to replicate these feelings without having to use the technology, saying goodbye once and for all to the unwelcome intrusion of stress and anxiety.