Between the strain of the “shutdown scaries” combined with the infamous “quarantine fifteen”, a surge of fitness gurus have launched their online programs since the beginning of the pandemic. Understandably, it can be challenging to pinpoint which one aligns best with one’s unique fitness needs. 

In the absence of access to a shiny, Pinterest-worthy home gym (#goals), enter

Roya Siroospour: personal trainer to celebrities, professional athletes, and international clients alike who is redefining the on and offline fitness space with MyRoyaFit.

With 25 years’ experience and various impressive certifications, Roya saw the gap within available platforms offering one-size-fits-all routines. Now how does that make sense? When creating MyRoyaFit, Roya ensured that she would fill that gap with personalized workouts to meet personal health and wellness objectives.

Being that MyRoyaFit’s headquarters is based in Miami, which has been hit exceptionally hard by this pandemic, Roya hopes that her program will offer an attainable way for members to both adhere to established mandates and achieve fitness goals all while having a blast and feeling empowered doing so.

Roya Siroospour

How does MyRoyaFit work?

Roya Siroospour: With workouts being short and targeted, you can stack them up or just carve out 15 minutes to get something in for your day. Not everyone is ready for long, intense workouts right away, so MyRoyaFit is an awesome way to ease in and get comfortable with fitness. As you grow, you can follow custom guides to get max results. Embracing yourself and enhancing your natural build is what MyRoyaFit is all about. Self-confidence is a process and self-love begins with small gifts to ourselves. MyRoyaFit is a powerful gift to start with. Actual methods include using a lot of bodyweight, bands (booty/loop), and different categories on the platform [include] booty, upper body, legs, abs, HIIT, etc.

What was your inspiration in creating MyRoyaFit?

R.S.: Fitness should be accessible, and fun, for everyone. That’s why I created MyRoyaFit. It’s a place for members to feel supported, powerful, and confident.

What makes MyRoyaFit stand out from all the other online fitness programs available?

R.S.: You have several ways you can use the platform. You can be fully guided by [me] based on your goals with customized guides. Lean out or build muscle. You can also choose your own adventure by choosing from a large array of 15 minute workouts that are designed to either burn, target, or build. They’re ranked by difficulty so everyone from beginners to pros are welcome. You can design any workout from 15 minutes to an hour. It’s user friendly, full of choices, and also can be fully led and guided with customized, themed guides that launch every month.

Can you tell us about how MyRoyaFit acts as a community for those pursuing their health and wellness goals?

R.S.: The community of people who support each other here is amazing. From the comfort and safety of your own home, you still have that community feel. All the motivation that a group brings, and even better vibes than a regular gym. It holds everyone accountable too! It’s great to have others in the same experience, sharing their highs and lows. We’re all people, doing our best, and seeking love and support. Here at MyRoyaFit, it’s a family.

Why do you think it’s important for people to maintain healthy habits during this pandemic?

R.S.: You’re constantly releasing endorphins during exercise to feel better and keep your attitude and mental state in a positive place. The pandemic brings a lot of new, sometimes scary circumstances to our daily lives. It can be difficult to find joys and stay positive. MyRoyaFit is fun and inclusive, and allows us to practice a natural way of improving our mental health and attitudes. So many of us struggle with protecting our body and immune system during these times, and exercise is a fantastic way to [improve] that. Staying engaged with others on MyRoyaFit is our favorite part since social gatherings have been eliminated in the real world. This group is so inviting, connected, and supportive.

What message would you send to those who are hesitant to start or switch up their fitness journeys?

R.S.: You got this. It’s never too late to begin your fitness journey or to step it up to the next level. Don’t wait another moment. Take that powerful step onto [the] next level by making this exciting, awesome commitment to your best self. You’re worth it.

After trying MyRoyaFit’s free seven day trial, the program is priced at only $39.99 a month for a MyRoyaFit membership and $69.99 a month for PRO access. Every six weeks, members receive a guide curated by Roya herself to maximize results which includes a tailored roadmap guiding users through combinations of almost unlimited workouts. Also available is access to the vault which is brimming with bonus content featuring Roya’s exclusive tips and tricks regarding healthy habits, stretching videos (for those well-earned rest days), help with pain relief, as well as motivational content that will help propel members forward in their journeys to accomplishing health and wellness goals.

Those interested in learning more about MyRoyaFit, becoming a member, or accessing her free seven-day trial can do so here.


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