myth about corona virus

Ever since the flare-up of the Corona Virus in Wuhan, China, there is a colossal widespread panic running around the world, and as the disease got viral, people have now started to lose their chills. 

 The massive spreading of fake news must also be addressed and stopped because instead of soothing down the situation, the outburst of myths is creating counterproductive effects of terror. Even though it is an alarming situation for the entire world and several safety measures must be taken by the regime. 

Calling it busting the myth bubble game, here are the top delusions about the Novel Corona Virus. 

The virus was contrived by Chinese Government

Amidst the intense chaos of viral spread, American attorney, military veteran, and politician Senator Tom Cotton said in an interview that the Chinese Government must be held accountable for the massive outbreak of the virus. However, Scientists sacked the suggestion of the virus being originated in a biochemical lab in Wuhan, China. 

Still, the misconception got imprinted in the minds of common men and has been carried forward to date. 

People living in hot and humid weather are safe 

As per the declaration by the World Health Organization, the virus is likely to get transmitted in all areas regardless of the climatic conditions. Living in hot and humid weather won’t help all things considered in protecting the infection. The only way is to stay sanitized by frequently washing the hands and avoiding the contact of your hand with the nose and face as it is transmitted by the respiratory tracks. 

Anyone who travels gets infected 

Although, as per the safety measures, one must evade avoidable wandering in such conditions, not everyone who is going would get infected. 

There are a lot of people living far away from their homes for the sake of education, job, and other reasons. If anyone wishes to travel back home or anywhere else urgently could take certain precautions and prevent the novel coronavirus. 

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Only an N-95 respirator would prevent infection 

This myth is a lot more common in most parts of the world, creating an immense amount of panic among the people, especially the ones who couldn’t afford the N-95 respirators. 

However, according to the World Health Organization, there is no evidence of any mask protecting the Novel Corona Virus alone. When wearing a surgical mask, one must sanitize the hands properly and dispose of the mask after each use. 

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No one survives the COVID-19

A huge misconception regarding the new Corona Virus is that anyone who gets infected ends up losing a life. However, according to the New York Times, the World Health Organization declared the death rate to be just 3.5 percent. This clearly indicates that most people survive the disease and can get back to a normal healthy life. 

COVID-19 is restricted to some countries 

Apart from the petrifying mythologies, this one gives a sigh of relief to many people out there. However, the WHO has declared COVID-19 to be a global health emergency that needs strict attention and coping strategies.

…and that is alarming! 

Bottom Line 

The conditions where the whole world is in a state of terror caused by the life-threatening disease, everyone must act responsible at their ends and be very vigilant regarding what news and views they share within their circles. 

Also, not everything you see on the internet is true so, make sure you verify the news by the reliable websites and avoid creating unnecessary panic for yourself and others as well.