Nia Green

It’s never too late to find purpose. Sometimes we get so caught up in the “lows” of life that we no longer feel we are worthy of greatness. With the pandemic and many different things happening in the world, many have suffered through trials and are facing depression and anxiety. But, guess what? No matter what happens, there is always victory on the other side if you keep going! Every trial we face can be used as another piece of the testimony we will have when we make it through this mess. It will be the success blueprint others will use when they are going through similar situations. So how are you coping with the pandemic and re-entry? What are you doing to keep yourself sane? How have you been impacting those around you? This hair salon owner turned life coach has done a few things.

N.A.P.P.Y Coach Nia Green is the owner and operator of the Nappy Sanctuary Natural Hair Salon, creator of Nappy Magic- an all-natural nappy butter line for the hair and body, creator of ‘Evolution of a Nappy Mind’ apparel, and in spring 2022, she intends on launching the N.A.P.P.Y Sanctuary Wellness Center for complete wellness of the mind, body, and spirit!  In addition to being a CEO and loctitian, she is also a Certified Life Coach, a Certified Mental Health Life Coach, and the USA Lead Coach for the game-changing Global Institute for Coaches & Entrepreneurs that certifies, trains, and- now hires- life coaches.

By reading that, it may sound like the N.A.P.P.Y Coach is living the dream. But it didn’t start out that way. She was diagnosed with depression at age 30, was working a corporate job she hated, and was a single mother to two children with different fathers. She felt that the mistakes she made in her life were death sentences rather than stepping stones to success- until beauty school came along at age 32! She used her experience at beauty school to determine that she was meant to be a healer, and later, at age 40 found life coaching! That was when she was able to find the tools to shift her mindset and start living her purpose out loud. That was a defining moment for Nia when she decided that “it’s never too late for growth”.

Because of life coaching, N.A.P.P.Y Coach Nia went from solely being a loctitian with a salon, to evolving not only her business and brand, but herself and those around her. The impact life coaching had on the N.A.P.P.Y Coach helped her develop her own sense of purpose that was demonstrated as she later launched an apparel line, created her hair and body butters, and made plans to launch her wellness sanctuary. She became so empowered with living a purpose-driven life that she now helps other women discover their true potential –and it all starts by coming to sit in her chair at her salon!

So, it goes without saying that N.A.P.P.Y Coach Nia is doing her part in the black community! She instills confidence to those that come into her salon and wants women with natural hair to feel secure about the beauty that she believes God naturally gave them. She was aware that in the black culture, women have spent so much time trying to conform to what society wanted them to look like that they lost their beliefs about what made them stand out and what made them beautiful in the first place.

Natural hair is a big part of that, and the N.A.P.P.Y Coach wanted black women and men to know that they are beautiful just as they are created. Her salon was created to be a place of refuge for men and women to find their confidence and purpose in this world. No matter what’s going on in their lives, they come to the N.A.P.P.Y Coach’s salon and leave feeling whole. N.A.P.P.Y Coach Nia teaches her clients to take up space and to remember that they are descendants of royalty and that’s how they should wear their crowns- their hair- everyday.

N.A.P.P.Y Coach Nia takes time out in every visit to get personal with each client – knowing them on an intimate level builds stronger relationships than just business transactions would do alone! She ensures her clients that when they come sit in her chair, they will leave with proper education on how to maintain their hair and leave with a renewed sense of purpose. I mean, it’s not every day that the person maintaining your natural hair or locs is actually a certified life coach. Can you imagine going in to get your hair washed, styled, or twisted, and leaving feeling confident that you can do anything- not just because you look nice, but because you also feel empowered?

She will continue to inspire the world with her natural hair empowerment movement called “Nappy is A State of Mind Not Just Hair.” Now, I know that may sound confusing to some of you, so allow me to explain. The black culture has hair that is typically described as “nappy”- meaning course, thick, and very unlike straight, thin, European hair. It’s not a word that people use endearingly to describe one’s hair. So, what N.A.P.P.Y Coach Nia has done is turn a typically undesirable word to hear about how your hair looks, into one that is empowering!

She coined the acronym N.A.P.P.Y which means: Never Apologize for the Purpose and Passion of YOU. We are all unique, designed to give a special gift that no one else can offer! Be bold in your uniqueness; don’t let others’ opinions make or break who you really want people to see with their hearts, not just eyes. We need each other more than ever before-to be those lights guiding this world into greatness together.