Nagging, Anger, Ego, SQ & Happiness

What ignites your anger?

Is it other people’s nagging or your own ego or perhaps a combination of both these problems that attack you together?

Plus, if this is your sorry situation, then what can be a practical solution?

Can something help you find happiness in practical terms?

For all such questions, I suggest you to try this 3-step process:

Step 1: Find yourself at least one person who can help you calm your nerves.

This person is extremely important because when the world shall make you angry or crazy, then by going to this person or simply speaking to them you would be able to calm yourself and regain your composure.

In the science of spirituality, this person is called a “Guru” or a “Teacher”. Otherwise this person could be any kindhearted person or a genuine well-wisher.

Kindly Note: Anyone taking you to bad habits such as drinking, smoking, drugs, pornography, buying sex, gossiping, over indulgence, splurging or screen addiction etc. is NOT at all a well-wisher. Such people shall worsen your situation and hence must be avoided at every cost.

A genuine well-wisher or a teacher would instead help you calm your nerves with positive methods or established interventions and shall always inspire and motivate you to do your best.

Most importantly, they WON’T JUDGE you for your mistakes and failures. Instead encourage you to gather your strength and inspire you to make best of your situation. Also, they may support you with necessary ideas, knowledge or other positive resources, as required.

Although, people suffering from clinical conditions such as uncontrolled anger or prolonged depression may require additional support from a qualified medical practitioner.

Nevertheless, once you have found such a person consider 50% of your job done. Meaning you should be able to find happiness in life on several good occasions.

Step 2: Learn to find joy within.

Finding joy within is an art as well as a science.

Basically, all happiness that we experience, in truth, blooms from within. If the mind is relaxed and joyful, then you start feeling happy without doing anything special. External circumstances thus are merely an excuse to this process.

Authenticity of the above statement can be easily verified with the help of a simple experiment. Let’s try this right away:

SMILE… yes… right now… right here… simply begin to SMILE.

Go ahead… stretch your lips… spread your cheeks and… just SMILE.

Next, while continuing to SMILE, take a long deep breath… if you wish you may close your eyes… and now analyze – how does it feel within?

Relaxed… Joyous… isn’t it?

This way we can easily understand that emotions of happiness and joy always spring from within.  

Thankfully, it won’t be difficult for people who may be having good hobbies such as singing, dancing, painting, cooking etc. to experience such happiness on their own.

In others, this experience of joy within may start happening once they have found the right coach or a teacher.

Nevertheless, still some people may have to work diligently to be able to find this joy within on a regular basis. The success rate here shall depend on your various past experiences and your current mental make-up.

Such people would be able to start experiencing it within gradually with correct guidance, which may involve engaging in activities such as mental or physical exercises, yoga, meditation and/or counselling, etc.

It must always be remembered that we all have the natural capability to be joyous from within and this secret is often hidden in our own organic strengths.

Thus a good teacher is immensely helpful in this matter as they can help us identify those hidden or dormant strengths of ours with their guiding experience.

Once this level is achieved, 90% of your problems shall stand resolved. Meaning you shall learn to date the princess named Happiness on a regular basis.

Thereafter, for the final assault…

Step 3: Learn to understand yourself.

This is often the trickiest and the longest part of the entire healing process.

Moreover, unlike finding joy-within, this step won’t come on its own. Instead this transformation shall require a definitive support under guidance of a well experienced coach or a teacher. (Ref: BG 4.34 & 35) 

Further, this step would require several rounds of guided conversations with the teacher along with prolonged self-motivated practice sessions.

Basically, it shall require you to undergo following 4 sub-steps:

  • Culturing your natural strengths in a spiritual context with an aim…
  • To overcome your various gross and subtle weaknesses and…
  • Thereafter using this new found energy to negotiate your path in the practical world…
  • By analytically comprehending your situation and adjusting your life objectives.

This shall certainly sound a little complex.

Yet this journey is always worth the effort because this training brings you the necessary power to transform your own ego.

Modern science would refer to this mechanism of transformation as enriching your Spiritual Quotient or SQ, which is your spiritual intelligence. This unique energy is present within every individual however, mostly remains dormant.

Scientists have now successfully developed complex mathematical models such as AHP – The Analytical Hierarchy Process to quantify and measure this vital energy within an individual. Physicians are already finding it extremely useful in treatment of terminal illnesses such as cancer, etc.

Interestingly, the training to enrich and harness your dormant spiritual energy has been available to the mankind since ages. In countries such as India it has been imparted for thousands of years through the traditional Guru-Shishya Parampara. (Teacher-Student Connection)

Spiritual-Realization, Self-Realization, Truth-Realization and Self-Discovery, etc. are the other popular names that are often given to this training and it forms the core of all the learning that is imparted under the science of spirituality.

Ego otherwise is an extremely powerful negative energy. Moreover, in most people, it completely controls all their physical, mental and emotional faculties.

However, thankfully our ego is not the highest energy in us. This is because within our own constitution there lies yet another form of energy which is called our spiritual energy and which is far more powerful than the ego. Hence it can conveniently help us defeat our own ego.

Yet somehow this spiritual energy mostly stays within us in the dormant form unless someone actually makes an actual effort to revive it.

Nevertheless, with correct training under guidance of a suitable teacher, this spiritual energy can be properly harnessed and ignited by anyone. (Ref: BG 4.36 & 37)

Further, there are two parts to this training. The first part involves understanding the background science. Meaning: What are you in truth? What is your body-mind complex? What is your ego? And what is that which stands beyond all these? etc.

Thereafter the second part of the training is about culturing your own strengths in such a way that you are able to cross the barrier of ego. This part shall also involve adopting certain proven spiritual procedures such as meditation etc. that will in parallel keep activating the dormant spiritual energy with regular practice.

This way, it a completely practical mechanism.

The dormant spiritual energy doesn’t rise immediately. Instead its awakening is a gradual process. Besides, it also depends on the intensity of practice. Thus eventual success boils down to 2 points – the sincerity of the student and the quality of inspiration received from the teacher.

This is the truth. Rest everything is about an individual’s faith, effort, decision and choice.

Therefore, if either nagging or anger or ego or all of them put together have been spoiling your happiness then don’t sit back anymore and suffer. Instead take these 3 steps and start claiming your freedom from the nexus.

Further, anyone needing support for these challenges is welcome to contact the author. I am offering a 12 session introductory personalized training program titled: “Understand Yourself and Find Joy Within.”

This can be a perfect starting point for you in the matter.

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