Make this the day that changes how you view getting jobs done! You know there is something bothering you on that To Do List, but inside you are dreading the thought of even starting it!

Do you want to feel like a completely different person by the end of today!??? 


Ever just looked at your to do list, started to work on it and patted yourself on the back when you had completed 90% of it? It’s a good feeling right? But what about that last 10%? What happens to that? Does that just go on your list for the next round??

Each week, are you just filling up your ‘to do list’ with items that need to get done and that convienently allow you to excuse yourself from doing the real work, the work that matters, the work that is going to free you to take that next important step? 

Were those items once just something that you didn’t want to do and you DREAD the thought of even starting? 

Go on….what is it? You know it’s there because it always is, it has been for weeks, months, maybe years? 

Is it the fact you haven’t checked your bank account in a while? 

Is it that room that needs painting and you just haven’t got round to it? 

Is it that wardrobe that needs organising? 

Or the book that you haven’t started writing yet? 

Sound like you?

Well, TODAY is that day, it is that ‘ONE DAY’ day, it’s that day that you start the ‘to do list’ from the bottom up. 
Anything on that list that you have been dreading and you know what it is, today is the day that you are going to address it. For some of you, you will complete it, for others you will have started it. Either way, today you are going to carve out a portion of time, no distractions and JUST GET IT DONE. 

If you are struggling with the thought of doing the do, change your thinking, focus on the feeling of what 6pm today will look like one you have done the work. 

Don’t let what is on that ‘to do list’ control your mind, don’t let it occupy any more of your time. TODAY you take back control and you just F***ing nail it. 

Imagine what you can accomplish in a week? I am excited for you – now GO DO IT! 

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