House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi shared her simple yet pointed advice for President Trump on Friday’s “Morning Joe”: Get more sleep.

“What I have advised him to do — go to sleep,” she said. “Bring yourself to a place where there’s synapses [that] are working. I think there’s something not — more sleep might be a solution for him.”

Back in April, Trump authorized a missile launch into Syria and made a late-night call to Pelosi to let her know about his decision. “It was like midnight,” Pelosi said. “It was well after it was all finished.”

“He was going on and on,” she said. “It was like midnight and I said, ‘Why don’t you get some sleep?’”

That call is far from the only piece of evidence suggesting Trump isn’t big on sleep. In February, he reportedly called then-national security advisor Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn at 3 a.m. to ask him an economic policy question (which, of course, was not and still isn’t Flynn’s area of expertise). And then there are the tweets. One of Trump’s favorite pastimes seems to be tweeting in the dead of night when the rest of the country is sleeping.

Pelosi’s not wrong for suggesting that Trump’s tired brain may not be firing on all cylinders. Research shows that our performance, including our decision-making, is worse when we’re sleep deprived. With that in mind, we second Pelosi’s advice to Trump: start taking your sleep seriously, for everyone’s sake.

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