Born in Nancy, France, Nathan Sanahuja is a 19-year-old entrepreneur/influencer who has helped thousands of brands achieve their marketing goals.

In this article, we will learn how Nathan has achieved success over the years and overcome the stress that comes with being an entrepreneur.

Overcoming Stress

In light of this topic, Nathan recommends that you learn to cultivate the habit of taking breaks. Stress is your body’s way of responding to any kind of demand such as excess workload. In today’s society, most entrepreneurs portray the hustle 24/7 culture as something that will get you to the top in little or no time. 

But in actual sense, it does the opposite and often leads to burnout. Whenever you feel stressed, turn off your phone, your email notifications, and take a break until you collect yourself together. Then use your free time to engage in activities that make you happy such as traveling or hanging out with friends.

Another thing Nathan recommends is to always remember why you are striving so hard in the first place. Whenever you feel stressed and overworked, remember why you started in the first place. Then keep going because you haven’t reached your destination yet. 

“I look at where I started and where I have come, and I ask myself, am I where I want to be. The answer is always no. I always want more. I believe if you want it, you got to work for it. That’s what keeps me motivated. Another thing is my family, I want them to be proud of my success, and their happiness is what drives me even to do the impossible. ” – Nathan

Achieving Success

In order to achieve success, Nathan shares that he maintains a journal every day. He further explains that going throughout the day without a to-do list or journal can be confusing and ultimately lead you to be unproductive. Instead of doing this, try listing down the activities you have to do a night before. This will make all the difference.

Nathan also spends at least half an hour every day listening to motivational podcasts and meditating. It will keep your fire alive, and you will be inspired to get stuff done. 

Here’s a piece of advice from Nathan to anyone striving to achieve success;

“Don’t doubt yourself. Aspiring entrepreneurs often give up after their first trial. But you got to be stubborn to make it work. Be bold, trust in yourself, and go for it. Work hard, consistently, and you will see results. Where would Jeff Bezos be if he had given up! “


  • Johnny Medina

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