Remember that enthralling feeling of peace and serenity that washed over you the last time you took a stroll through a forest or on a deserted beach? Remember that deep, permeating feeling of tranquility that banished the stress and anxiety from your body, mind, and soul? As you evoke those memories and the emotions they produce, imagine if you could introduce that same state of bliss into your home.

Imagine how wonderful it would be if you could create a nature-inspired living environment where the troubles of the outside world immediately dissipate into the unknown as soon as you come home from work. Here to help you build lifelong happiness and well-being are the five decorating tips to bring nature into your home, and by extension, your heart and mind.

Sunshine and healthy airflow

First and foremost, let’s take a look at the two of the most affordable ways to start transforming your interior into a restorative oasis: sunlight and airflow. The gentle touch of sunlight on your skin as you’re walking beneath the tree branches is the feeling you want to evoke in your home – not too bright, but luminous enough to inspire day-long positivity and zeal.

You can start by choosing brightly-colored window treatments such as pure white curtains, but nothing really beats big windows, skylights, and of course, mirrors. If you want to illuminate the space as much as possible, be sure to add these features, and introduce a mirror in every room to reflect the light even further into the interior.

The second part is to improve the airflow in your home. Now, depending on where you live this can be as easy as opening the windows. However, if you live in a dense urban environment, it’s best to keep them closed and opt for an air purifier that will cleanse the air of any pathogens, allergens, and toxins. If you live in a more suburban area, then be sure to air every room throughout the day.

Choose a soothing color scheme

Painting the interior is one of those fun, creative projects the entire family can enjoy. However, if you’re looking to bring a more natural setting to life, then you need to do your research and prepare before buying the brushes and the paint. First of all, you need to choose toxin-free paints. Be sure to choose products that don’t contain any VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) if you want to stay on the healthy side of painting. 

Next, choose your color scheme. A nature-inspired setting that is supposed to imbue the room with peace and serenity can enjoy a number of soothing hues, ranging from white and off-white shades, to earthy colors such as umber, ochre, or sienna. Of course, you can also opt for that cheerful sunny hue, the likes of sunflower petals, for example.

Enrich every room with natural materials

The materials you choose for the design and décor elements in the interior will have the greatest impact on the look and feel of every room, helping you create the nature-inspired theme you dream of. The first material that comes to mind is, of course, wood. Use it to accentuate furniture and supporting elements such as beams and columns, and to bring a warm and welcoming feeling into the living room, for example.

But wood is not the only material you should focus on, as decorative concrete is another sustainable option that brings durability, beauty, and flexibility into a nature-inspired interior. Choose a beautiful stone look for the floors or and even the walls in the bathroom, for example, and accentuate it with comfortable rugs and greenery to create that restorative oasis-like ambiance you can enjoy for years to come without risk of damaging the material.

Emphasize greenery throughout

Of course, there can be no natural interior without a selection of lush potted greenery that will elevate the form and function of your interior. Houseplants make amazing additions to every design scheme, and especially when it comes to a living environment where nature takes center stage. Be sure to choose potted plants you can care for easily, ones that boast health benefits aside from their aesthetic appeal. Position them strategically in the corners to fill up empty space and frame the design of every room.

A case for sustainable living and design

All of this talk of natural décor elements leads to another important point: nature-inspired design and décor is a mindset, and a lifestyle. You want to complement the aesthetics of your new interior with eco-friendly habits that will help you embrace a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle inside and out. This will make you enjoy your living environment so much more, and teach you how to choose new elements for your home.

One of these lessons could be to try to find salvaged or recycled materials, furniture, and other décor elements before buying brand-new products. Visit thrift stores and get in touch with the local salvage community to find that beautiful wooden coffee table, or vintage vanity you’ve always wanted.

Wrapping up

If you’re looking to imbue your home with lifelong peace and happiness, be sure to let nature lend a helping hand. Once you start introducing these elements into your living environment, you will start to see just how much they can influence your mind, body, and soul, and change your life for the better.