Yesterday a crow came to my window the afternoon

And did its incessant cawing.. I was used to this. They are building their nest above my kitchen window..and I feel the female is pregnant..because her food routine ..and likes- dislikes have, generally it’s an ask for food..or a complain about the pigeons..

I pretend to ignore most days….

This time..somehow, its tone was had a bit of shrill in it..and in more quick succession than usual..I found myself frowning…

Because of this..I got up to see what was up.. I saw it looking in a particular direction ..and stressfully screeching..

Crows, although sometimes are annoying..I know are also..great protectors..and have a very good “network”. This crow call was being relayed..and other crows in other buildings had also started to pickup this ..tone.

So I tried to see what else was going on…..

Following the line of vision of the crow..I saw there were 4-5 hawks circling.. This was also not an unusual sight….as there are two hawks generally in the area and they ..are ’regulars’..generally peaceful co-existence..

This day these 4-5 hawks were circling above a small ..forgotten playground inside our building compound..I felt a bit of fear in my heart..

I felt compelled to go down to see what was going on.. As I approached the abandoned playground, a few cats..that had started to generally hang around….were making all kinds of noises..and were running away from that spot..

Now something was really up..

The hair on the back of my neck stood up…

I cautiously went in the direction. A few days ago I saw a snake here..I though maybe that was what was going on..

As I inched forward even as the hawks starts to screech…I saw, almost camouflaged…a peahen.. hurt and not really able to move… I had never seen a peahen so close. She was big…and was whimpering..

I had heard peacock calls a couple of days ago..but not seen any…so I wrote off that feeling thinking, how can peacocks come here. It all now made sense.., the peacock must be close-by..

I looked up…..there were more hawks now..and the crows had also gathered in more numbers making a noise.. warning… guarding…warding off… the hawks were about to come in for the kill…

I had to act fast….

I quickly called our security people, and with their help picked her up and took her to the gardeners house..where she would be nursed till she could be on her own again…

The feeling of panic …slowly subsided.. The cacophony had dropped many decibels..and so I felt much better..safer, I realised my heart had been beating fast..

And I went home..shaken..grateful and …..also confused..

I reflected on a conflict that morning with someone over ..”words” and communication. And how it was often so difficult to convey or understand what “words” meant” what they intended to convey…and I for one feel quite inept at being able to find the right words..right say what I am feeling…

And yet, with this episode of birds communicating, looking out for each other..and how crow ..was not just one was an amazing unfolding ecosystem..if one followed it..and how no “words” were spoken but there was this ..undeniable communication between us.. followed by action….and some resolution.

I am left amazed at the potential of deep intuitive listening and the inadequacy of language as we know it. Also the importance of ..’listening to the whole ecosystem’ ..not just one voice…

Sigh !!!!!!!

I am reminded of these lines from a hindi song from the movie Border..

Panchi chidiya pawan ke zhonke..koi sarahd na ..inhe rooke.. Socho tumne aur maine kya paya…insaan hoke.


These birds sparrows winds…no borders have ever stopped them Just think. . what have you and I really achieved…by being Humans??

Dear god please make me a bird in my next life .

~ Rhea