Dr. Robert Kornfeld

     It has now been more than 7 months since the world changed. We have not only had to completely change our lifestyle and the way we interact with people, but many of us have also been dealt severe blows with job loss, decreased or lost income, housing problems, health challenges and questions about what changes we need to make to overcome these hardships? For many, the question is how am I going to spend the rest my life if what I know and became used to is no longer possible?

     The challenges have been great and unfortunately, this pandemic seems far from over. Many more businesses could close, many more jobs might be lost and many more lives will be taken. It is the most serious catastrophe of our lifetime. And because of its seriousness, taking a serious look at your own experience and future is vital if you want to come out of this not only a whole person, but a person who navigates their way to happiness and prosperity.

     I know it may feel incredibly challenging to many at this point to find a way out of the situation, but panic will not solve the problem. Of course, a woe is me attitude is only natural when so much is thrust in your face that makes you feel like you’re drowning, but it’s really important not to stay stuck in that mentality. Charting a new course is vitally important, even if you don’t want anything to change. Approaching these unsure times will become easier if you embrace reality instead of sitting complacently hoping for things to go back to the way they were pre-pandemic.

     So where do you go from here? The actual challenge is one of re-inventing yourself. Just because you did one thing for years that worked does not mean that is all you are or can be. We are all capable of change. We all have many talents and interests. We are all unique. What will work for one person won’t work for another, but I would like to make two suggestions that can put back hope, direction and success in your life. It’s a process, not a magic bullet, but I do believe these suggestions can and will work for many people.

     To begin the process of change, you first need to identify a new direction that you would like to pursue.  If what you have always done is no longer an option, you’ll need to choose something new that can make you happy and make you a living. The first place to start is to think about what your current passions and joys are. These are the things we generally spend time doing outside of work that bring us joy and fulfill us. What are your passions? Is it music? Gardening? Writing? Painting? Drawing? Movies? Helping others? Politics? Entertaining? Restoring and refinishing furniture? Interior design? Astronomy? Hiking? Cars? Boats? Cooking? Computers? The list is endless. Are any of your passions things you love but never actually pursued?

     Bringing things you are passionate about on a regular basis into your day is an important first step in changing the way you feel. It changes the stress load you may be dealing with because it elevates your endorphins and brings joy into your day. For some of you, there may be a future in your passions. Is there anyone out there making a living doing the things you are passionate about? If so, then YOU CAN TOO. Research the kinds of things people do in your field of passion. The internet will give you an enormous head start on that. Create a plan of action, carefully, methodically and consistently. For people pursuing their passions as a source of livelihood, the blessing of change (even if forced on you) may be the very thing to empower your life experience and bring you more contentment and success than your pre-pandemic situation.

     If you see no future in your passions, think again. Go on line and see if you can find anything that resonates with you. If not, don’t worry. I’m only recommending this because it is easier to commit yourself to things you love. But if you absolutely cannot connect to your passion on that level, the next question you can ask yourself is what are the new trends. What businesses seem to be doing well in spite of or because of the pandemic? A google search will reveal to you many businesses and companies that are thriving. If you are just looking for a job, these are the places to apply since they are the most likely businesses looking for new employees.

     You might even find an interest ignited when you look over the list of all the businesses that are thriving right now. You certainly could get motivated to start your own new business if you see something that resonates with you. Please, don’t stay stuck in the thought that everything will come back to normal soon. It’s a great thought and I know we all wish this was the case, but right now we cannot rely on anything until the pandemic is over. And even when it is, the return to our “old normal” could take many years to manifest itself. Being pro-active now makes a lot more sense.

     Clearly, it’s an overwhelming task no matter how you look at. But it is definitely NOT IMPOSSIBLE. It depends on how you frame things. How you see them. How you change your mind to embrace change. Even the word Impossible can be changed to I’m possible. Same letters. Just a slight shift in how you see it. Still overwhelmed? Think about contacting a life coach who can help you break things down, overcome obstacles, create a plan of action and then hold you accountable to your commitment to improve things.

Dr. Robert Kornfeld is a life coach and holistic podiatrist based in NYC and Long Island. He is the Founder of Change Your Story Coaching (www.changeyourstorycoaching.com) and assists people on their journey to making their dream life happen. Sign up for his email list and get all of his timely and informative articles in your inbox. Are you ready to change your story? Change your life? Contact him today. For coaching, he can be contacted at [email protected]. He also practices functional medicine for chronic foot and ankle pain at The Chronic Foot Pain Center in NYC and Port Washington, L.I. (www.drrobertkornfeld.com). For foot and ankle medical problems, he can be contacted at [email protected].