All of us have been affected in some way by the lockdown. Regardless of country.

It left me wondering what happens when we do go back?

What does this mean for the future of the work?

So, I spoke with Andrea Twaddle at DTI Lawyers about just that.

We looked at what the duty of care for employers look like, what responsibilities employees have when returning to work and even covered the difficult questions surrounding new pregnancies, social distancing in the workplace and just how do we mentally prepare ourselves.

At a time when we are all navigating a completely new world it is nerve-racking to think how we do this correctly.

However, after this talk I certainly felt stronger and with a better understanding of what employee and employer rights were.

Whatever country you are in and whether you are like us going back to work next week, next month or yet to know when you have a date – I suggest grabbing a drink and join us for a discussion about how you can set yourself up for success in a changing work environment following COVID-19.

Listen and feel free to share with a friend who would benefit from this too: