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Are you finding that it’s getting easier to navigate through the fear and uncertainty going around?

Fear ebbs and flows. What I have noticed is that if you are prone to living life in fear, it will bring up old fear patterns. I no longer live in fear, but it used to be the theme of my life. It made me quite controlling.

You see, our brains are like computer programs. It creates patterns in order to keep us safe and survive. It takes past experiences and creates beliefs and systems that it continues to run unless otherwise reprogrammed.

What does this mean?

Our brains learn everything. And everything that is learned, can also be unlearned.

Do you think a successful person stays stuck in fear? Or do you think they let it go?

So if you find yourself with negative thoughts, first know that it’s your brain trying to keep you safe. And you can change these thoughts.

Here are 4 ways to work with your thoughts when they are not serving you:

  • Create a new neural pathway. Literally redirect your thoughts. When a negative thought pops up, ask yourself if it’s true, and move your attention to something else.
  • Do energy healing. Simply set the intention for the thought and root memory to be cleared from your body.
  • Listen to binaural beats. These beats carry a vibrational frequency that can help with healing, and are said to help reduce anxiety, lower stress and increase relaxation in a similar manner as meditation, and different frequencies offer different states of relaxation. You can find many great audios on YouTube.
  • Choose higher vibrational emotions. Think of something that feels really good, and do it. For me, dancing with my family puts me in such a good mood that it’s impossible to remain in negative thoughts.

Remember, awareness is key. You always have a choice. I am going to leave you with one question — Where will you be a year from now if you held on to your old beliefs?