Every child grows up with an idol they admire and wistfully dream about following in their idol’s footsteps. For Israel native Naya Federman, that person was no other than one of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood, Natalie Portman. Federman was so mesmerized by Portman’s performance in Leon: The Professional, she promised herself to one day land a role on the big screen. The now 18-year-old actress is making waves to fulfil that promise, and her acting journey has an uncanny resemblance to Portman’s. 

Federman was performing on a professional stage by eight and quickly navigated her way to a hit classic musical,  The Jungle Book. By the age of 12, she landed her first movie, Guavas, and proceeded to be in three-hit summer movies: The Treasure Across the River,  Gesta, and On the Edge: Gesta 2. Among her other accomplishments, Federman performed as Debbie on the stage musical hit Billy Elliot and recorded the theme song as Disney’s Princess Repunzel for the animated TV series Tangled. Federman continued to deliver captivating performances that evoked emotion, gaining the attention of industry leaders. Similar to her idol, Federman earned the role of Ori in Nickelodeon’s three-season sitcom Dog House.

“This was Naya’sfavorite role,” a source close to Federman said. “She mainly enjoyed the work with the cast, the director with a very strong comic sense, and the fun they had can not be missed on the screen.”

Even though Federman’s career is on track, there have been times when nailing an audition did not secure the part. She has faced the downfalls and disappointments that accompany the cut-throat industry. 

“There was a specific part Naya really wanted in an internationally acclaimed drama series,” the insider said. “Naya was in Paris when she was called back for another, but last, audition to be chosen between herself and someone else. So, Naya flew back to Israel for a day, had a good audition, flew back to Paris only to hear that it was great, but matching limitations pushed the decision towards the other actress.”

Fortunately, the resilient actress is strong-minded and previous setbacks have only added fuel to her fire for success. The young star, represented by ADD Content Agency, is becoming increasingly versatile in her craft and catapulting her way to the top. 

The charming characters Federman plays resonates with her true self. She wants to capture the hearts of her audiences off the screen as well. Federman plans to utilize her growing fame and platform to advocate for humanitarian crises and recurring issues.

“She wishes one day to be involved in creating TV and/or feature movies that will increase awareness to meaningful issues, specifically child abuse,” the source said. 

Progressives teens like Federman are vital for this industry and the world. Thankfully, she will be on the screen again soon. The source revealed that she is expected to be back on set for a drama movie in October, subject to COVID-19, releasing the following year.