“There are so many times you feel like you’ve failed. But in the eyes, heart, and mind of your child, you are super mom.”- Stephanie Precourt

I love this quote so much, and I think it’s because, at the end of most days, being a mom can feel like you have so much more to do. There are days when I feel like I am failing or that I’ve missed things I should have caught. Sometimes, I find it hard to feel content with my performance. I think most moms feel this way. There are times that are easier than others for sure, but I always recall this quote to remind me that, to my kids, I am succeeding. Need help for new parents? Here are some words of wisdom:

  • Try not to be overly critical of yourself.  This is one of the best things to say when offering help for new parents. We are enough in our child’s eyes. As moms we tend to judge ourselves too harshly, we tend to compare ourselves or underestimate our ability. We are enough, and our children and spouses see it, we need to see that in ourselves!
  • Remember that their perception of you is different from your perception of yourself. The other day, I had to have some small precancerous spots frozen off my face and arms. I came home from the doctor and felt so self-conscience about how I looked. My husband was awesome and told me it was not bad at all (He was politely lying to me. He is a good guy!) My boys came up and had to ask me some urgent question. I interrupted them and apologized for my appearance. They both looked at me quizzically and said, “What? You look good.”  At first, I thought they were lying to me, then I realized that they don’t really see me like that. To them, I am just mom. I wish that I could see myself the way they see me. Without my flaws or shortcomings, just my ability to keep their life going is enough.
  • You are a SUPERHERO. All parents are superheroes. My boys don’t think I am a perfect mom, by any means, in fact since they began approaching the teen years, they have found quite a few things to point out to me about how wrong I am about certain topics. In general, they still believe that I have the answers to the questions they have. I have the solutions and the insight they need the most. 
  • You can learn something new every day. When they were younger, I was more like a super mom to them. I could make any scrape or cut hurt less. I could make any storytime feel like a mini-vacation. Now life is a bit more complicated, they seem to be teaching me interesting things about their favorite subjects. As their knowledge of the world grows their love and appreciation for me and the job I do as their mom grows as well. 

Why I Created the Brave Knights Kit 

I created the Magical Order of Brave Knights because I wanted to help my child get the sleep that he needed. As a parent, it’s hard to see your child face a problem. I created the Brave Knights Kit hoping I could help other parents that were going through the same thing. 

Whenever I receive a testimonial about how the Brave Knights Kit has helped another family, it really reaffirms why I started this adventure in the first place.

As parents, our job is never done. Out of all the lessons for parents, this is a simple truth.  I cannot just shut off my worries and fears about their futures. But then they look at me with pure love and light in their eyes it quiets some of those fears and allows me to rest a bit. It’s hard to see your child struggling to sleep, but there is something that can offer help for new parents. If your child is having sleep anxiety and you need to find a solution, then the Brave Knights Kit is for you! 


  • A dedicated mom of three boys with a master’s degree in psychology.  She has been through it all!  Years of sleep deprivation and exhaustion brought Colleen to her knees, but it was also the inspiration behind the writing of her first book in a series.  It was her drive and determination to help other moms and young children that led to the creation of Sir William the Brave Knight.  A quick-witted classic Irish Las who can weave a tale where everything becomes a funny story to be retold with friends!