Netflix is often dubbed as a form of procrastination, but there are many inspiring films and tv series on the site that make it worth the subscription price. Although it can act as a distraction, it also is a source of entertainment, inspiration and even education for many. The following Netflix movies are especially good choices for entrepreneurs.

Steve Jobs

Perhaps one of the most notable entrepreneurs of all time, Steve Jobs’ legacy will live on forever through both his company and the retelling of his story. Netflix streams Steve Jobs, a biopic detailing three different crucial points in his career. These different points stress not only his professional life but also the inner workings of his personal life at the time. What this movie can teach even the most experienced entrepreneur is that you don’t have to have all the puzzle pieces in place to make a business successful. Steve Jobs certainly wasn’t skilled in all the conventional areas that tech entrepreneurs usually are, but his passion and vision are what kept him and his company moving forward. Entrepreneurs will learn that they need to stay determined to not let anything come between them and their goals.

Yes Man

Entrepreneurs have to make a large number of decisions throughout their career, and with the fate of a company at their hands, it can seem overwhelming to decide which choice is better. Yes Man is, therefore, an applicable story to entrepreneurs, especially those in the early stages of their career. Jim Carrey stars in this movie, and it follows his character, who grew up saying no to everything, hence not furthering him much in his life. It is until he comes under the wing of a self-help guru who challenges him to say yes to every opportunity that comes his way in the following year. This obviously changes his life in many ways, ultimately changing him for the better. Although entrepreneurs will quickly learn the downsides of saying yes to everything, they can learn the importance of being open to new ideas and opportunities throughout their careers by watching the film.

The Theory of Everything

Based on the late Stephen Hawking, The Theory of Everything follows the storyline of the world-famous scientist and his heartbreaking yet inspiring battle with ALS. While progressing in the realm of physics, the brilliant-minded Stephen Hawking also grew more dependent on his wife. Although his conditions continued to worsen throughout his life, Hawking remained resilient and inspired the world as he continued to make something great of his life. Although this story is well known, a fresh perspective on his life will never fail to inspire others. When relating it to the cause of an entrepreneur, these professionals can grow more motivated by the movie and learn how to persevere even when circumstances are trying their hardest to hold you back.