Burnout no, Burned Out! No, I am not talking about the burnout you do with a motorcycle! I am talking about being physically burned out! You know the feeling you get when your body is about to shut down because it has done too much for too long without any rest. Have you felt this way? Do you even realize when you are burned out? Keep reading! 

Signs You’re Burned Out

Your brain and body can only handle feeling overworked and overwhelmed for so long. Consistent high levels of stress without taking steps to manage or reduce it causes exhaustion that leaves you emotionally and physically burned out. When this happens, you feel less motivated to do the things that matter the most to you. Since burnout happens gradually, you probably won’t see the symptoms immediately. However, once it starts it can affect your ability to function. It affects all aspects of life from forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating, diminished pride in your work, losing sight of yourself and your goals, difficulty maintaining relationships and being present with loved ones, frustration, and irritability with co-workers, unexplained muscle tension, pain, fatigue, and insomnia. 

Tips to Help

There are a few helpful tips to help you from getting burned out. You can prioritize the things you have to get done. Do what you can today and what you can’t, do tomorrow.  You can delegate. Remember that you are only one person and you can’t always do everything yourself. Give some to someone else. Don’t take your work home with you. Make sure you have a work-life balance. At last, get a support system in place. Talking things out with others does really help. Set your own boundaries. Before you agree to help someone or accept an invitation: push the pause button, take a moment to walk through everything that will be required of you if you agree, ask yourself if you really have the time and energy, consider whether doing it offers value to you and remember that a part of boundary setting also involves learning to say no.

Retreats Are Amazing

Most people think that taking a vacation is the solution when you are burned out. It can be beneficial, however, vacations can also be stressful. When you factor in the planning, navigating a new place, coordinating your stay, activities, and transportation, to say the least, the actual fun of vacationing sometimes gets lost along with the relaxation. Joining a retreat would be a great place to get the rest, relaxation, and restoration you need. It is an opportunity for you to unplug from electronics. There are new experiences such as the one offered by RootHealing that are a great way to help you prevent getting burnout and when you are burned out. 

Root Healing is dedicated to helping you discover your true self and get clarity on how you can be happy. They use Iboga TA (total alkaloid) which is an extract that maintains all of the alkaloids of the root bark but also removes much of the plant matter, allowing for easier consumption and digestion. The preparation of Iboga starts from the time it is harvested and can last days. The first layer of bark must be carefully removed first before shaving off the inner bark that is used. This entire process is done to the tune of Bwiti songs and follows a certain method to promote the strength of the spirit of Iboga. The retreats are seven days long, and the Iboga treatment work extends outwards before and after the retreat.

They will coach you along in your preparation for the retreat and offer an extensive 6-month integration process post-retreat. Our retreats are seven days because we believe it is optimal for healing to include two ceremonies, two processing days, and two integration days.

Final Words

Remember to make sure you get enough time for restful sleep. Spend time with loved ones, but don’t overdo it, remember alone time is important, too. Try to get some physical activity each day. Eat nutritious meals and stay hydrated. Try meditation, yoga, or other mindfulness practices for improved relaxation.