Many of us ventured outside for entertainment and exercise throughout 2020. This led to an increase in tech advancements on the boating front. Everything from automatic docking to smart navigation has been updated to keep people enjoying their time on the water in 2021 and beyond. 

Boat Sharing

Much like ride-sharing and bike-sharing programs, the concept of boat-sharing is also being embraced. Get My Boat is one of several boat rental companies that operate like Airbnb and Uber. Click&Boat is another based in Paris that operates a similar platform. They enable private and professional boat owners to rent their boats to vacationers and sailing enthusiasts. Samboat is another company specializing in boat and yacht charters, and Boatsetter has over 600 locations. 

Maintenance & Security

Joystick docking is now very much a reality in the boating world. Self-docking technology is bringing us closer to the idea of a smart boat while simultaneously saving money by cutting down on accidents and injuries.

FLIR is the industry leader when it comes to safer boating, especially at night. Their line of thermal imaging products, security cameras, virtual distress signals, and traditional personal locator beacons (PLBs) are guaranteed to increase boaters’ security. 

MarineMax is one of a few platforms that aim to let boat owners spend more time enjoying their boats and less time on maintenance. By joining the experts and merchants’ network, you can request services that range from routine maintenance to full-on repairs. The platform also provides access to boats that are for sale and upcoming events and classes. 


Integrated navigation systems will now have top-of-the-line advanced SONAR and GPS chart plotting capabilities. The touchscreen technology will be modern as well. One company that is at the top of this trend is Raymarine’s Axiom+ line of monitors. These multifunctional displays have increased screen resolution and brightness, reducing the need for polarized sunglasses in direct sunlight. The addition of Realvision 3D scanning sonar and increased RAM will mean dynamic screen adjustments and the ability to show lag-free split-screens. Charting plots with Simrad’s NSS evo3S touchscreen technology is above and beyond the competition with its powerful CPU and six-way split-screen capabilities. Displays can also be mirrored to your phone for easier access to radar, sonar, charts, and even engine performance.

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