Happy Anyway

With coronavirus having a massive impact on everybody, Happy Anyway by psychologist Jane Hanford, is a step-by-step guide for teenagers and young adults who are battling with anxiety, which has been further heightened by the pandemic.  

The 40 short but powerful chapters provide wisdom, reassurance and practical guidance to change the reader’s mental state from anxious to happy.  Combining her own struggles with anxiety with her extensive academic study of Western and Buddhist psychology, Jane has cherry-picked the insights and practices she believes will help people feel better, not only in the moment but in the long term.  

Using a concise and accessible style that is engaging to young people, Jane hopes her mix of exercises will offer readers solace and a feeling that they aren’t alone.  By guiding readers through how to stop and look at the situation Jane helps them to makes sense of their thoughts and feelings.

With so many pressures on young people today to not only perform academically and be part of a strong friendship circle, there is also pressure to be perfect, which as parents we know is not achievable but which feels very real to them.  This book helps them to see more clearly and find a path that is right for them, free from anxiety and judgment.

Jane says, “I know from speaking to clients, family and friends that anxiety is very common amongst our young people today.  NHS Digital figures show that over a third of young people suffer from anxiety.  On top of this 71% are worried about the impact of coronavirus on their lives which is adding to their already anxious state. I hope that this book will help ease some of the worry and suffering that is so visibly out there at the moment”.  She continues “with so much information out there, finding the right resources can add to the overwhelm already being felt by young people.  Happy Anyway is free of jargon, full of help and practical advice.  I wrote for the young person that I was and for young people everywhere so that they can learn what I know now, and don’t have to suffer like I did.” 

“Happy Anyway gives a fascinating and captivating insight into the challenges faced by young minds in today’s pressured society.  Jane will challenge your perception on life and provide valuable practices for coping with struggles faced by many of us on a daily basis.”  Owen, 23

Press copies of Happy Anyway are available and the book can be found on Kindle and paperback on Amazon, £4.99 and £8.99 respectively.