I believe in “new year, new you”.

You can dramatically upgrade your life when you go all in on transformation.

It can happen at anytime. Yet there’s ripe energy in the new year because collectively we feel a fresh start.

Here’s the thing —> It’s not a new year/new you unless you step into new ways of being. 

New beliefs

New understanding of self 

New standards 

New plans 

New environments 

New people 

New opportunities 

You can journal about ways to truly lean into change using the suggestions I shared. What will be your new environments? Will you hire a coach or join a mastermind? Will you invest in a trainer or nutritionist?

The key is not doing it alone. We’re not meant to do it alone.

In order to truly allow all of this into your experience you must get beyond your programming. 

Your programming is your invisible box. It keeps hitting up against invisible walls. More of the same. 

When you bring in support, the strengths in another alchemize your weak areas. Each of us have strengths and weakness!

How will you give yourself the gift of new? 

How important is this to you? 

Your resolutions can become REVOLUTIONS. If you’re willing to go all in and get out of your comfort zone. 

Or they can become broken promises and disappointment. 

You get to choose. 

Happy New Year!