We work with global team members across multiple time zones. There is not a clear delineation between work hours and non-working hours. To ensure we have work-life harmony we need to set clear boundaries personally and professionally.

Here are some ideas to set boundaries:

Close the Office Door: When I am working, I close my door and use my “Do Not Disturb” sign. Closing the door adds distance to household responsibilities and informs family members that I am in work mode.

Say “No” Nicely: Running to school to deliver forgotten homework or shorts needs to stop. I have informed my family that things need to change. This approach will keep me focused on work and teach the family to be responsible.

Use Weekends: I would multitask during the work week, and it was exhausting. Now, I focus on a single task. When I am working, I am working—no additional chores. I use my breaks as downtime and to walk. Most household-related responsibilities are handled after work or on weekends.

Manage Your Calendar: Take charge of your calendar and the responsibility to set up meetings when possible. Taking the initiative gives you the ability to set meetings based on your schedule and time zone. Use this approach for both personal and professional meetings.

Get Help: Delegate and move on. Assign household responsibilities to your family and hire help as needed. Working from home is the same as going to work—the only difference is that you get to wear yoga pants!

If you have additional tips that work, please share at [email protected]