New Year's resolution

Another year is coming to an end, and we are entering this new year steadily. With new hope, flight, and promise, we look forward to new beginnings. It’s as if every year we pressed the magic button and turned a new page. In the New Year’s Sea, the most common decisions are: quitting, losing weight, eating healthier, going to the gym. But the old adage says that attraction is not about reaching the destination, but the journey itself. Defining challenges and goals is commendable, but persistence quickly falls into the water at the end of January.

Excessive expectations and unrealistic goals lead to abandonment, disappointment, and a quick return to the old track.
If you plan to wear these jeans in high school this year, the chances of you crashing before reaching this goal are almost guaranteed. The “all or nothing” setting is a one-way street. Under pressure, focus on a tight picture without realizing that you can not enjoy what is waiting for you in your path.

Learn to think positively by setting realistic and achievable goals. More importantly, learn how to develop a success-oriented mind. As you read this article, you are already on the path to being sweeter and less critical of yourself and living the fulfilling life you deserve.

Social Media Detox

This trend has been on the rise for some time. Today, more than ever, we are surrounded by virtual perfectionism. The standards we impose are neither realistic nor sound. Click on as many profiles this year as you follow. Do you really need to see all these famous and unknown people on the screen every day? Wondering what kind of emotions do you have when the front page of each message appears?
If you need to compare yourself, feel dissatisfied, jealous, or insecure, you can get rid of fear with one click. Besides the fact that everyone is overwhelmed by constant contact with a perfect life, unforgettable journeys, and harmonious connections in social networks, keep in mind that the vast majority of them are far from it. The feeling of lightness and pleasure will overwhelm you when you clean your friend’s list, and your life will make more sense. By doing this detox, you will be able to follow through other resolutions without stress.

At least do one thing that scares you

The idea of ​​leaving the security zone is scary for most people. Something extraneous or unknown will certainly not induce us to act. As a rule, we avoid testing limitations and maintain a safe distance and well-designed route. How can we learn more about ourselves if all the time we go along the same path? Some decline is essential to come back and continue. In the same way, discomfort and uncertainty help us grow and grow. Strength lies in the inner psychic power that pushes us out of this structure. When we face our own fears and insecurities, we will pave the way for horizons that we have never heard of.

new year resolutions

Enjoy the food you like

Instead of labeling and ordering food to be good and evil, try to appreciate the food you want. If your vice is sweet and fast food, don’t despair and rotten. But in the right amount Avoiding target foods that you know are unhealthy will only create more significant needs. The prolonged and strict dieting system that began soon led to release and overeating with guilt.
Remember that you always have options and start thinking about healthy choices because you want them to be good for your body, and you feel better. Think about the good things in your life and the things that are not, and you want it different. A negative picture of yourself or your body sends a message that something is wrong with us. You choose your own ideas, it’s up to you to decide. Save time, and instead of thinking about ways to change your physical appearance, think about how you feel better in your body? In this way, your mental and physical health will improve.

Seize the Day

Remember that everyone has the same 24 hours a day as you
Change does not come quickly, and no one is perfect. The motto that you constantly repeat when you are going through difficult times and want to give up. Excessive self-criticism prevents you from making the positive changes you want to make. The discontent accumulated over time will not disappear overnight. Just like extra pounds that were not created in the morning. Be careful with yourself and remember that real and qualitative changes occur slowly and include ups and downs. To learn something from every mistake and every rebellion, you must continue in advance.

Do more than what you love

Physical work in itself begins as a mental process. Therefore, working on your own is a complex concept that must be learned throughout life. If you forget your hobby, spend time with friends and generally have fun, stop and use the new definition of life. Must work discipline and give up on the path of life But don’t forget to live. Allow time for your priorities and specify them in your calendar. In this way, you will no longer make excuses and will not take care of your needs.

Don’t judge other people

We are all quick on the judgment and choice of others. It is in human nature. Learn to recognize and be aware of your attitude towards others, even if they seem genuine. How do you feel when someone judges you who knows that you are not at all the same? Ask yourself what made you think and think. Soon you will begin to master your negative thoughts, which will ultimately give a more positive and happy picture of your environment and yourself.