NextGenCreations was created to change the way digital marketing and branding agencies operate

So for me, I was always looking for a type of agency that really helps change the way digital marketing and branding is done online. From their website’s company page: “NextGenCreations also known as NGC was founded with one goal in mind: to fix a broken market. Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Digital Branding Agencies have always gotten away with being able to provide the bare minimum to companies instead of truly caring about the success of the company. That is why three young entrepreneurs with over a decade of hands-on experience in the marketing, social media, and digital agency space; being experts at their craft came together with dedication to create their own company. We built this company off of the premise of one word: dedication.” It is crazy to think that finally there is an agency that actually cares about their clients and wants them to be extremely profitable right from the start. So upon further reading, and looking over their website; I was eager to get in contact with the folks to learn more about them.

What is the motto that you and your partners believe in?

NGC was founded with one goal in mind: to fix a broken market. Digital Agencies have always gotten away with being able to provide the bare minimum to companies instead of truly caring about the success of the company. That’s where we come in, and help your business get the premium quality services required.

How did you come up with the idea for NGC?

One of our founders, Chris Barron, had been growing Instagram accounts for years, happen to meet one of our other founders, Mohamed Aly, who was also doing the same. One day, Mohamed had asked Chris if he needed help branding some of his accounts to which Chris responded “Yes”, and Chris was introduced to our current CEO, Mahmood Aly, who’s fraternal brothers with Mohamed. After that, we all hopped on our first call. While we were discussing, Mahmood realized that one of the social media accounts that Chris owned, the 3-letter NGC, was perfect for a digital branding and marketing agency. The following conversation was on aspirations, motivations, and the following day it was like the perfect marriage: we all had massive amounts of experience in the digital space with social media growth, branding, development, management, and more. We knew we couldn’t half-a** it, either all in, or all out. That’s when we named it NextGenCreations because that’s what work we plan on providing, next-gen.

What is some background of the three partners and how their past can help clients and make NGC the best as possible?

Each of us has always had an entrepreneurial mindset at an early age. Starting our own business’ from lemonade stands, ice cream trucks, to even having our current CEO, Mahmood Aly, compile a whole operating system based on Unix/Linux at the age of 10. We all came from the same digital atmosphere of being heavily involved and connected in social media and with digital global influencers. Mahmood is experienced in business, design, website, advertising, and servers. Mohamed is experienced in marketing, design, social media, and content creation. Chris is experienced in marketing, social media, and content creation. We have all shared the same belief that we want to work for our money and the idea of a 9 to 5 type of job never really appealed to any of us. We created NGC in order to infuse our talents to help other business’ strive with their online and social presence.

Why is NGC different from the competition?

NGC is different because we work to change the way the client sees digital agencies. Instead of an agency that does the bare minimum, we provide quality over quantity. Our goal is to provide you with an opportunity for growth in your business, and the best way to start with that is with your online presence. From having assigned a dedicated supervisor for help, to accessing your account through your personalized dashboard for updates, we optimize the workflow so you don’t have to. We are a full-service digital agency, taking care of your entire digital footprint.

How should companies get in contact with you and what are the steps for that?

Business’ and Influencers are able to directly contact us through our website, social media, and can even book phone appointments for their free consultation! You may access the “Appointment” page and enter the required information, and let us know what you want. During our meeting, we will then send you an audit of the company both on their social media presence and online presence. These reports are usually long that goes into detail and include scoring on how your company is doing in terms of online and social media presence. For our second call, we then will go over the services you require and create a list of services that we recommend. After that, we will proceed to get your project started!

It seems to me that NGC is a company that is really shaking up the digital marketing and branding space, and their track record definitely backs that up too. To get more information about NGC and their services, visit their website at or for quick access at

You can also contact NextGenCreations on their official Instagram page: @NGC