CoronaVirus Pandemic has brought the world to a staggering halt. We are confined in our homes trying to stay positive when hopelessness and uncertainty surrounds us. 

Procrastination is when you consciously avoid completing important tasks because they’re painful, exhausting or tedious. Instead, you pay attention to less important and comforting tasks. In turn, your important work gets delayed until the very end. Sometimes, even costing you your jobs.

Nick Mocuta – a self-made millionaire has been an inspiration for thousands. His work ethic and the ability to get work done while working from home has served as a silver lining to those looking for motivation and incentive. Here is how he conquered the deadly virus of procrastination:

  1. Let go of the past

Before you decide to hunt for motivation to get your work done, forgive yourself. Self-forgiveness will serve as the single most important factor to make you feel better about yourself and approach your impending work with more enthusiasm.

  1. Reward yourself

Rewarding yourself after accomplishing tasks boosts your motivation and propels you to complete your task at hand. 

  1. Ask someone to hold you accountable

One of the primary reasons we might fall prey to procrastinating is that we are not held accountable when we delay our tasks. Ask someone from your friends or family to check up on you and hold you accountable, should you procrastinate!

  1. Minimize distractions

Distractions like social media or group chats sap your finite mental energy before you know it! Eliminate these distractions and focus your mind towards only one task at a time. You can schedule a certain time for social media or updating yourself with the chats.

  1. Make a to-do list

The conventional method of making a to-do list and checking off tasks as you complete them actually does wonders! It is an effective method to follow if organisation is what you struggle with.

Finally, if you still feel that you are avoiding work and can’t seem to stop procrastinating, look at the big picture! Know that being confused is normal and it’s okay to feel overwhelmed, spend more time understanding yourself and your tendencies and slowly work on it. Nothing is accomplished overnight so relax, take a deep breath, and start afresh!


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