Nicolas Saint -Jacques is a Forex expert and mentor who’s helped dozens of individuals achieve success in life. Over the years, Nicolas has soared through life with his no-quit attitude and during that time he learned a couple of tricks that could prove useful to you today. 

Avoiding Burnout And Achieving Success

Nicolas’s hack to beating stress is simply to be positive, ambitious and driven by passion. If you’re pessimistic about everything then your chances of picking up stress-related issues will be high. Basically, the way you view life has a direct impact on your stress levels.

Another tip that Nicolas recommends is for you to get enough sleep. People generally think that skipping sleep and working 20 hours a day will bring in more results but In actual sense, it does the reverse. To achieve success in life you need to keep your body in top shape, and you can attain a healthy body by maintaining a consistent amount of decent sleep and feeding your body with good food. 

Lastly, meditation and self-development are other crucial habits that Nicolas recommends you adopt. When you meditate, you have more time to reflect on your plans and goals in life.

Identifying and Overcoming Obstacles 

Nicolas has been through a lot of difficult situations. A year ago, he was diagnosed with a mental illness. He also recalls that he lost a lot of money and friends due to this. Apart from all of these, there were times when he had to sleep in his car during his business trips because he couldn’t afford the rent requested by hotels. 

“One time, I went on a business trip with some friends and had to sleep on a chair because there were more than five people in a room meant for two people. I had to walk hours from my hotel to the conventions because I couldn’t afford to pay for a taxi. As we often hear most people see the glory but don’t know the story.” – Nicolas shares.

Nicolas shares that he got past these obstacles by developing a bulletproof mindset and seeking the counsel of individuals that were better than him in various aspects of his life namely health, wealth, happiness and relationships.

Motivation And A Will To Succeed

Nicolas draws his motivation from the life he plans to have with his future wife and kids. He wants to be able to provide anything and everything for them. This thought drives him to work harder every day.

He plans on achieving this dream by developing and investing in his craft. And by helping others achieve the six-figure status.


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