I’ve chosen a few Microsteps for myself that are all centered around the Focus Journey. My first Microstep is to take a deep breath whenever I notice myself getting distracted or stressed. These few moments of peaceful breathing help me recenter myself and return to my tasks with an open mind. 

Another Microstep I follow is to block off time for focus work each day. I have the tendency to get distracted by emails in the middle of a task. When I hear the notifications ding, I always feel like I need to address each email immediately. These interruptions can make it difficult for me to refocus on the task at hand, but setting a 30-minute time block and turning off notifications has helped me accomplish more work and reduce my stress. 

I’ve found that spending time outside each day is a huge joy trigger for me. Getting fresh air goes a long way to help me destress whether it be by going for a walk or reading outside. Nature is truly beautiful and amazes me every day; it brings a sense of calmness to me. 

I also recently attended the Thrive Power of Breath webinar with Caroline Gamble. I learned the importance of breathing as well as proper breathing techniques. Mindful breathing can change your mindset and lift your mood within minutes. Taking the time to concentrate solely on the process of breathing, particularly when stressed, allows me to be more focused and relaxed. I’ll definitely be adding these techniques to my yoga routine and other exercises.

Finding the motivation to do these small steps can be hard, but by setting Microsteps it allows you to slowly build yourself up. They’re really too small to fail. I look forward to adding more Microsteps in the other Journeys to become a better version of myself.

I started my experience with Thrive after one of our monthly wellness meetings. They mentioned the Thrive app, so I wanted to see what it offered compared to other well-being apps. It’s a one-stop shop to develop healthy habits and a more positive mindset. I like that I can set Microstep reminders for myself, and I can read the daily tips that I would not have found on my own. 

My favorite part of the Thrive app is the ability to create my own Reset guide using my own pictures, inspirational quotes, and calming music. When I feel myself getting stressed, I often turn to my Reset and listen to the ocean waves. The Thrive app reminds me of the important things in life that make me happy, and how I can improve myself each day by taking time for my well-being. 

I try to take this positive mindset to work with me as well. In a hybrid environment, I always make the effort to connect with a team member when we’re actually in the office. Asking about their week, their family, and their interests helps build our relationship and sense of support. When working remotely, I check in via email, especially after I know they were on vacation or experienced important events. I always let them know that I’m here for them if they need help with anything. Also, in my role as a wellness liaison, I constantly share well-being events that we’re hosting to remind the Northwell community how important it is to take care of themselves.


  • Nicole Finocchio

    Administrative Support Coordinator

    Northwell Health

    My name is Nicole Finocchio, and I’m an Administrative Support Coordinator at Northwell Health. I joined the Northwell Health community in July 2019 as an intern for the Research Communications team at the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research. Shortly after my internship, I took on my current role of Administrative Support Coordinator. I facilitate lectures given by researchers outside of the Northwell community and assist the Elmezzi Graduate School of Molecular Medicine. Before I joined Northwell, I graduated from Hofstra University in December 2018 with a BA in English and minors in Writing Studies and Public Relations. My role as a writing center tutor was the highlight of my college journey. I’ve also lived on Long Island my whole life, so it’s safe to say that I love going to the beach.