Nidal has come up the hard way, and that’s evident from his past which was full of hardships and struggles. His family immigrated to Australia two decades back and had to go through rough weather initially. To fight it out he started his own business at fourteen and since then has tried his hands at multiple businesses which involved sales and marketing, distribution of health supplements, and running restaurants. Nidal’s venture into the Real Estate industry started in 2009 and he has never looked back since. Today he has created a strong foothold in the field which is evident with the success of his company which is rated amongst the best in the Real Estate Investment Business in Australia. 

Nidal Rasheed Property Investment Advisory Company Silvertail Property Group, has achieved an honorable position in the Real Estate Arena due to its transparent and accurate investment deals which have benefitted hordes of customers. Today, with his rich experience, Nidal talks about how to succeed in any area, be it their personal life or professional. He says one has to follow a strict set of plans diligently to make it to the top. 

To succeed in life, one needs to set goals as without it there is a possibility to lose focus. Setting up your goals allows you to control where you’re heading and it also provides you with a benchmark for determining your success ratio.

Here he shares his viewpoints on some which are worth a read:

Set your goals smartly:

Set your goals clear and be specific with what you want to achieve. Track your progress from time to time and make sure you don’t deviate from your target. Specify a timeframe in which you want to achieve your goals and work towards fulfilling them within that stipulated period. 

Create a strict plan of action:

Foolproof planning is one of the foremost strategies that can help in achieving your goals. Make a plan and adhere to it, till you reach your destination. 


One of the major factors which help immensely in reaching your target in no time. By instilling the right habits one can go a long way. 

Daily goal setting:

One of the best ways to stay focussed and contribute to your long-term goals right away is to set up your daily goals, which are measurable and easy to track.

Inspiration is the key to success:

Following your role model and deriving inspiration from their success stories is also one of the best ways which can contribute towards achieving your dreams. 

Get a mentor:

Finding the right mentor to guide you throughout your entrepreneurial journey can act as a lifesaver. Walking the right path can lead you towards success and what better way than having a mentor who has been there and done that. 

Track your progress:

Keeping a tab on your progress and evaluating it from time to time can help you reach your desired point of success much faster.

Nidal strongly feels that these golden rules need to be followed if one wants to get real close to their goals and achieve them at the earliest.