Mum of two, wife and Founder of Elite Up Education, Nimi Patel says that everyone has knowledge that can be pivoted to produce income. Born in a secluded village, Nimi was raised off the land, income was produced through hard manual graft, put in the time and for that, you would be paid. It wasn’t until her move to sunny side Australia she would discover the decreasing popularity of manual labour, and the increasing popularity of a more “American Dream”, this differs for many, but the most common definition at least in 2021, is to create income with as little time spent to utilize your body’s running out clock to do what you enjoy – In short, get paid without doing much, if anything at all. 

Nimi would attend classes with a focused mind on her career built from the principles ingrained in her from a child, knowing the heavy hours that would soon arrive, but with excitement to experience the hard work she had witnessed her family do in their village.  

For years, Nimi would show up daily with no complaints, but that was up until her husband and two children entered her life. In her childhood village, there was no other way of producing income, but manual labour, and grateful for that Nimi is as it would be this that solidified her mindset, created a willingness to work, unlike many in today’s western society. However, living in Australia, there, fortunately, is another way of income, a way where you have more time, time that she wanted to dedicate to her husband and children – but it’s unfortunate this way has been plagued by so many youtube and Facebook ads that it’s become a scam in many eyes.

Despite Nimi’s at first hesitation, 2013 would be her first year of going through the loophole many business owners do of unfaithful course claims, struggling with the mortgage, and so on until striking gold through personal trial and error with commission-based marketing that would after years of work make Nimi part of the 1%, and now leading to the founding of Elite Up Education

Here’s 3 mindset lessons to thrive within business from Nimi Patel, in her own words: 

Firstly, having the right mindset is crucial for building a business. Your MINDSET determines the outcome. This can fuel OR stall the growth of your coaching and consulting business. Without the right mindset, you won’t be able to get past the speed bumps along your entrepreneurial journey. By taking on a growth mindset, you’ll power through setbacks because you know success is waiting on the other side. So how do you shift your mindset to achieve the highest levels of success? Mindset shifts begin with (consistent) positive affirmations, meditations, and visualization.

Here’s what I personally do on a daily basis…

1. Gratitude Journal. Write down a few things you’re grateful for each day in a journal. Expressing thanks for what you already have will motivate your hunger to grow.

2. Meditation Apps. Begin your day with meditation to stimulate your creativity and break negative thought patterns. Meditation apps make it easy to fit it into your day (I personally use the Calm app).

3. Visualization. Picture in your mind what your 6-figure coaching and consulting business looks like to you. The clients, the income. Act as though you ALREADY have it. And take actionable steps to make it a reality. 

Every morning I start with a 20-minute meditation. During this meditation, I envision exactly how I want my day to go and I feel that outcome, the joy, the wins, the excitement. I also meditate on longer-term goals, seeing myself well into the future in the exact reality I want for myself to be. I then fill out my gratitude journal and pause to think about all of the amazing things life has brought to this point so I am not starting my day from a place of lack, but rather fulfilment. Remember, it really is mindset over matter. Consistently give thanks, meditate and visualize your dream coaching and consulting business (whatever you want). Then take daily steps towards your goals and watch your dreams manifest into reality.

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