Nina Vargas stepped into the world on October 13, 1985, in Eagle Rock, CA (Los Angeles). She has inherited Mexican as well as Spanish roots from her mother, Natalia Garcia Robles. After finishing secondary school at the age of 14, she enrolled herself in a JUMP PROGRAM by enjoying outstanding courses at the adjacent school. Nina and her brother, David Vargas III were raised by her mother and after her fifth birthday celebration, Nina was not able to get the love of a father. During those days, her mother was the only source of income for the family and her struggle inspired many people. This was the time when she became curious about fabrics and design. Apart from having an interest in fashion, she also appreciated basketball, pole vaulting, and obstacles which kept her competitive spirit active.

Nina affirms that every opportunity she got was benignly seen as a gift. This mindset encouraged her to participate in more and more errands which made her and individuals in the industry more powerful. By engaging with a lot of people, she came to know precisely what might work best for her profession and continued with advanced education in Fashion Design at FIDM, Los Angeles where she would get familiar with the intricate details of the study. Having no fortune, she was unable to acquire knowledge regarding business and had zero networks in this field. After a certain period, she came across Nancy Riegelman who is the creator of 9 Heads and following her, she was able to accomplish valuable skills in the academic program.

Unfortunately, she was sure that what school education is teaching is not appropriate in the real world. Having no love of a dad, she faced adversities such as abusement and this scenario in adulthood made him timorous. Having an aim of learning several things, she pursued her education as well as a profession and realized that reality is hidden everywhere. Also, women need someone with whom they can communicate without being judged to excel in life. This drove her to turn into a legit voice in the industry. Moreover, marrying her knowledge in business and fashion to overcome self-growth and this was the time at which she vowed to help others.

Working on studies and career goals simultaneously, she made herself acquainted with the retail market by working at popular brands, for example, Armani A|X, Steve Madden, and The Jones Group. While working at Armani Exchange, she met Christian Lopez, who persuaded her to accomplish superlative opportunities in life. With this motivation, she came to think about where her mindset should be and gave an idea that the business needs individuals who can encourage, promote, and support new talent. She entered into the corporate world by getting hired at MAXSTUDIO.COM and this position drove her to New York City where her job was in retail and PR. After five years, she started working as Director of Operations for marketing and fashion platform in NY. Later, she realized that a marketing consultant is a better option for her; likewise, she became a private marketing consultant and took brands to the next level.

After obtaining success, she became a Women Empowerment Ambassador in 2012 and soon after the Editor in Chief and President of THE LA FASHION MULTIMEDIA INC in 2015 where this position has turned her into a significant figure in boosting the confidence of individuals, generally admired for her honest determination to aid people grow in their respective fields. Her assistance to the masses, her welcoming approach, and continuous hustle created her work ethic “trademark.”

To list her accomplishments, she was accorded with the 2018 Women in Entertainment Award for publishing with AEG and turning into their official Magazine Sponsor in 2019. Furthermore, she received the Beverly Hills Publishing grant in 2018 and was welcomed to be on the advisory panel. Apart from this, past highlights include strong partnerships with the FNL Network, Art Hearts Fashion, as well as current partnerships with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico, AEG WOMEN IN ENTERTAINMENT and many are still in progress. Recently, she was approached to host a Beauty Panel for Unfiltered Experience in Las Vegas as a beauty Ambassador as well as being an Official Judge for ICMAD.