Be kind to yourself. That is the idea behind ‘’Hygge’’ which is an awesome Danish concept that will improve your life in ways you haven’t thought possible. With our hygge ideas, you will learn how to grasp every moment and enjoy all of the flavors of life. By the way, if you are wondering, it is pronounced hoo-ga.

Try and think, when did you have enough time to sit somewhere nice and cozy? You know, far away from your laptop and smartphone. Away from the noise and buzzing of everyday life. Distant from other people’s problems that are penetrating your personal space. You probably can’t remember because these things are finding their way to us every day. 

With everything happening so fast, we are easily pushed towards depression and anxiety. The world is merciless sometimes – we are chasing success, money, and social status. But in the end, we forget to be happy.

And mental illness is happening when we forget that we are important to this world, that we have our needs and emotions. That we deserve to be loved, and we have every right to stop things for a moment. 

Simple pleasures can help you cope with very complex emotions. It is time to embrace life and embrace hygge as well. Mental health is essential, and it should be your top priority. 

It is time for better Mental Hyggene! You need to master the ancient danish art of being cozy. 

The gentle art of taking care of yourself and cozy living

It is a struggle, and it costs us our mental health. Now just imagine yourself far away in a remote cabin. You can hear birds chirping through the window and the fire crackling in the fireplace. The air is fresh, and so is the entire room. There is a warm cup of hot chocolate on the windowsill with a strong vanilla scent lingering of freshly baked cookies throughout the air.

You are wrapped up in your favorite blanket and thankful for being here. Grateful that you are alive. That is what hygge living is. I know that we all have that image in our minds when we think about happiness and peaceful living. Yet, to have that feeling of inner peace, you don’t need to run away from the entire world. You can find peace within by doing simple yet wonderful things that will make a beautiful symphony of pure happiness. 

This can do magic for your mental health, although there is no cabin in the woods. It is time for you to find your inner peace. Let’s see some steps:

Take a break

Taking a break is okay. If you don’t, you are more likely to have a breakdown. I know that we are all experiencing burnout at work but just relax, just for a moment. Remember that client from last year that was bugging you? He is nowhere to be found today. Therefore, you will be fine. Everything will pass, even that important deadline. You are just where you should be. Concentrate on your breathing.

A fresh cup of joy

When we talk about our favorite rituals, we can’t skip that cup of joy that can change everything. A fresh cup of tea, hot chocolate with marshmallows, smooth vegan coffee with oat creamer, or straight black coffee. Whatever will inspire that inner warmth and make the world stop for a moment will work. 

Freshly baked cookies or pastry

Buttery and crumbly pastry freshly baked in the oven would kickstart the dopamine production. Can’t you just smell it in the air already? For a moment, just stop thinking about calories and enjoy that warm feeling.

Don’t forget about your close friends

They are making our lives a million times better. Keep them close at all times because they will be there for you to laugh together and grow together. Having regular get-togethers with your friends is crucial. Schedule a game night, watch movies, cook together and be sure to have them close by. Everyone has hectic schedules but be sure to take the time for the things that truly matter.

Make your cozy corner

I mentioned that picture-perfect image of the remote cabin filled with tasty treats and beautiful sounds of nature. So inspired by that image, you can create your own cozy corner. Grab a blanket, sit by your favorite house plant, grab a few aromatic candles, and let this corner be your place where you will remember every day to enjoy the present. 

Read books

Reading books is always great because it helps us enter a completely different world. Comics will also do the trick. This will help you decrease your stress levels. Try reading a little every day, and you will experience the benefits very soon. 

Don’t forget to play!

Play board games with your family and friends. Forget about looking at screens – stick to more traditional games. Awaken that inner child. Play sports and dance – anything that will make you enjoy the moment more.

Make your own hygge playlist to get you faster in hygge mode

You probably have music that allows you to relax and take you to your happy place. Music that lets you escape to your own world, that will remind you of your safe place, no matter where you are.  But what happens when you leave your home and your comfort zone? 

Make your own hygge playlist! With your customized playlist, you can carry your hygge feeling anywhere. If you are feeling stressed, music will help you relax better. 

Make a list of to-do’s

You will have that feeling of accomplishment when you manage to cross every single thing off the list. Be sure that there is plenty of time for everything you want to do and that there is no need to rush. 

Remember – self-care is the key

Think about it like this, you want the best for your friends. What advice would you give to them when they are worried and stressed? Now think, if you were in their place, would you take that advice? You are your best friend, so prioritize yourself and enjoy this journey and all the pleasures in life. We are not born just to work and pay bills. Always remember that.