A picture of downtown Pittsburgh where Nine University was founded.

Between the rolling hills of Western, Pennsylvania in the mecca of Pittsburgh, two guys are helping others during times of economic distress to succeed with Amazon FBA. 

“No matter what happens in life, you have a plan, right? Your plan is to play in the NBA or to start a business. You have to be able to pivot, you have to be able to react to your situations and make hard decisions that really say ‘screw it’ to the past. It still hurts me that I put in that much work into basketball and never got that dream. I’m using that fuel as fuel to drive me to my next goals. To this entrepreneurship, to building businesses, which has been my real passion this whole time,” Kale Abrahamson of Nine University says in his YouTube video detailing his story. 

“Find your ‘why,’” he challenges his viewers. 

Kale Abrahamson’s & The Launch of Nine University 

Throughout his early life, Kale Abrahamson desperately wanted to play professional basketball. His dreams revolved around playing in the National Basketball Association. In 5th grade, he told his father his wishes. “You better get to work, son,” was his father’s reply, spurring Kale into practicing each day. His basketball career allowed him to take part in some fantastic opportunities, such as visiting Duke University, California, Stanford. Kale received multiple acceptance letters from colleges all over the nation.  

From a young age, Kale was also very interested in entrepreneurship. In 5th grade, he made thousands from mowing 25+ yards. With that money, he bought a camera that would become very important to him in the future. After making hundreds selling wristbands with his friend, Kale immediately used the money to purchase double the wristbands to sell.

Kale attended Northwestern University, his decision making the news. Kale did very well at basketball, but things eventually went south. After multiple coaches let his team down, he left Northwestern and transferred to Drake University. His basketball career picked back up, Kale scoring 41 points in one game. At the same time, Kale was invested in entrepreneurship. He started selling hoverboards from China. A professor took interest and asked Kale if he wanted to take things to the next level. 

Kale started purchasing more hoverboards. This business got so big that he ended up selling out of a store at the local mall called 515 Hoverboards. While he ran this business, he was still playing basketball and studying. After another bad experience with his coach at Drake, Kale transferred to Duquesne. There, Kale broke his hand and scarcely played after. During this challenging time, Kale met the love of his life and realized that basketball wasn’t for him. 

After this life-changing decision, Kale got a job at Duquesne University and started three companies with his friend Taylor. One of these companies involved Amazon FBA, where he and Taylor purchased items from overseas to sell on Amazon. The second was his Youtube channel, where they teach people how to effectively sell items on Amazon. The third is a company called Honeybadger Boost, a listing optimization and photography company.  

Nine University’s Online Program

Kale’s story resonates with many. It can take many years to understand that what we believed was our passion was actually not. It’s frustrating to go back to square one. Even so, founders of Nine University Kale Abrahamson and Taylor Hiott found a new passion for mentoring newcomers to Amazon FBA. The many success stories of Nine University all come from people who were once confused as to what they wanted out of life. The 150+ employees of Nine University all share the same drive to help these newcomers find their drive in entrepreneurship. Kale may have left his dreams of playing basketball behind, but his passion found a new outlet in Nine University.

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