An entrepreneur is the word used to designate the individual who gives rise to an organization, makes innovations in its sector and makes profits from it. Its function is to identify opportunities and resources and turn them into profitable businesses. Entrepreneurship is the main element of a country’s social and economic development.

The entrepreneur has a new perspective on the world and its evolution. He sets goals, knows the administrative process and develops unique skills. His focus is on learning the pillars of education and, with that, he can make decisions that his competitors would not think to make. The successful entrepreneur differs from the other competitors because he has qualities that help in his victory in relation to his opponents.

Many entrepreneurs, like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, were not exemplary students, but they had differentiated spatial intelligence to understand contexts, a high degree of confidence in themselves and a great ability to deal with people.

All successful entrepreneurs have already had some significant failure in their careers, however, they took advantage of these failures, persisted and chased opportunities. The main characteristics of a great entrepreneur are:

Courage to undertake

Taking risks is part of entrepreneurship. Starting from scratch is a skill of great importance. The entrepreneur generates solutions to raise capital by improvising. He takes chances. With the information in hand, he calculates the risk and makes the right decisions.


Difficulties will arise. Many entrepreneurs started their venture on their own. They turned failure into success. Difficult situations should not be seen as the end but as a new opportunity. Entrepreneurs are optimistic.

Ability to plan

The entrepreneur must have a goal and set goals to achieve it. One of the great skills of the entrepreneur is the ability to have an idea and put it into practice, through actions and plans.


The successful entrepreneur has the ability to self-motivate and stimulate the energy of all members of his project. He’s a great listener and keeps his team engaged. Knowing how to delegate tasks, combine and organize processes are characteristics of a good leader.


The entrepreneurial vision is able to see beyond what other organizations do. Entrepreneurs create new paths, taking advantage of all the resources they have. They direct their efforts to win over the customer.

Own opinion

Entrepreneurs live in constant search for new and unique business opportunities. Many businesses only worked because their creators were stubborn. They go against everything and everyone, but they know how to listen.