Many new and future entrepreneurs often go and wait for the big leap – they are waiting for the right timing, the right circumstances, the right mindset, the right feeling and/or the right acceptance.

Many people want to be perfect before they start. The risk is that they wait too long, miss chances and end up getting frustrated with unfulfilled dreams.

“Better a small step that is taken every day than to wait for the big leap that may never be taken”.

One small step can save a lot of work in the end and build your credibility. It is therefore better to spend an hour and get a draft made than to go and wait until you have a whole day for it. Once the task is set in motion, it sets in motion the thought processes. And it brings you closer to what you want.

Take advantage of your free time

When you have gaps and you have time between the tasks in everyday life, it can be an idea to make a list of your network and who in your network you should call – someone who may be or possibly knows potential customers. It often takes time from the time the customer is contacted until he is ready for a purchase.

It is important to take steps that in action bring you closer to your dreams – that you get the thoughts out of your head, talk to someone about your ideas, get something written down, work more concretely with the company – no matter where in the process you are, whether you are in progress or still in the consideration phase.

“It is both fantastic and challenging to work with what you love. And it can be the death of the dream or the company, if you do not face it ”. 

The challenge of loving his profession

Most start out independent because they love their profession and are typically amazing at it. The challenge is that most people become so preoccupied with operations and tasks and go 100% into it that they forget or postpone the tasks that may be less exciting depending on who you are – maybe you have control over sales, marketing because you enjoy it but that, for example, administrative tasks, including bookkeeping and accounting – tasks that are more long-term and do not give a here-and-now result are postponed.

Postponing these tasks can mean that you “suddenly” do not have more of the tasks you love to do because you have not made sure to do the things that were perhaps a little more tiring.