Durvesh Yadav

Everybody wishes to be able to succeed, but only a small number of individuals are able to make their dreams and wishes come true! Durvesh Yadav is among those people who despite all odds in their life have spontaneously started succeeding in making their dream come true. 

No matter what your dream is, you can accomplish it. You don’t have to watch as another year goes by with you being no closer to your goal than you were the last year. You can move from where you are to where you want to go said Durvesh.

Durvesh Yadav, the author of the book What They Don’t Teach Us “ a book to assist young people to comprehend what no one teaches them in society, school, or college” and the founder of Rising Star Digital Media “a business that provides branding and marketing to help other brands and businesses grow” comes out from the crowd and shines differently. 

When people go to sleep, they have dreams. I am telling you, put your dream to sleep for some time. Do not dream anything now and fix what you will become in the world because it is too early said Durvesh.

He says, I have come to the conclusion that dream chasing and dream achieving are two different things. There is this idea that chasing and achieving dreams are two sides of the same coin. But dream achieving is something else altogether. It is hard work and discouraging at times. And sometimes, it can take years before we actually achieve our dreams.

He always Believe That “Life Is Like Google, You Get Results When You want and Search For It” Which is Very True, There are very few people who have the mindset, Vision like him and does what he is doing. We can wish and pray for him so that he can reach many heights and can Inspire many young people! He Believes ‘That if our young people, the youth like him can change, so our country can. At Last he Says “Do Something So That You Don’t Need A Degree Do Something”

It all starts with you. To actually accomplish your dreams it starts with who you are and what you care about. If you don’t know these two things you will not be able to achieve your dreams he concluded