So the other day I sat in a meeting and I watched a young woman and my heart just age because I was her 10 years ago for was her. Imagine this, you worked your ass off to put together a deck to pitch a project. You finally got on the agenda and you’re sitting in the room and you deliver this stellar pitch that you’ve worked on for hours. Your deck is on point and your slides are beautiful and your graphics nail it. You finish your last sentence and then you wait…and you wait.

With each passing second, your confidence crumbles.

You want to sink into the room.

And then you finally hear someone say something and it’s a criticism. It’s a “no”.

You hold your breath and your chest gets tight. You just want out of the room.

When the meeting concludes you pick up your things and you keep your head down and you quickly drop them off at your office.

And you immediately dashed to the bathroom.

In the safety of that stall, you breathe hard. You shed a tear, you question everything that you’ve ever earned in your career. You question everything that you put into that deck and in the safety of those three little metal walls, you crumble and you find the tissue and you pull yourself together because you know that you can’t be weak at work. You know that you can’t cry and yet you don’t know what you did wrong. You don’t know what that next step is. If only could have explained if only you had a response, if only they would have listened to this brilliant idea that you have, but you didn’t have the words.

There’s a reason that you crumbled. The system is stacked against you. You don’t have insider access to the boy’s club. Nobody gave you the rule book. Nobody gave you the cheat codes. It’s not your fault. The fact that you’re even in the room is such an amazing feat. And you have so much to be proud of. But unfortunately, just because you get a seat at the table, it doesn’t mean that you’re granted your voice and you’re set up to fail because there’s so many other voices in the room. The good news is that you can fix this. You have everything available to you to get your voice heard.

That’s what I do. I help you have the tools in the words. So that in that moment, you know what to say, you know how to counter and you know how to hold your ground.

I want to coach you on how to defend your project in a way that comes off as highly professional and not emotional, not personally attached. And even if you get a no, you’re going to leave the room with so much power and so much information that the next time you pitch, you’re likely going to get a yes.

That’s what we do together through my system of tools and strategies. You’re going to get all of the words, all of the questions, all of the ways to hold space in that moment and never have to run to the bathroom again.

When I watched this young girl crumble, I remember all of the times that I was in the bathroom in that same position and trying to catch my breath, trying to hold those tears. And God forbid the door opened and you could hear someone else walk in, right? I get it. I’ve been there, but I’ve also been there enough that I’ve learned the ways to not end up there anymore. It’s probably been a decade since I cried in the bathroom and I don’t ever want you to feel that way again.

When we coached together, it means never going to the bathroom again, never hiding your tears, never having that panic, breathing ever again in your career.

You just need the right tools. If you’re ready to dive in, I’m here for you.